The son gets angry and asks to buy toys, the mother uses a high hand to make the child obedient

Every family with young children has probably experienced more or less the situation that their children go out to the store or go to the supermarket to insist on buying what they like. Parents will gently refuse or persuade but their children still won’t listen, nag, cry, or even fall out in the middle of a crowd. Many parents, because they were annoyed, had to comply, there were also people who were angry and scolded. However, the behavior below is a mother worthy of everyone’s study.

Accordingly, Ms. Tran (from China) has a 4-year-old son who loves eye-catching toys.

Chi Tran said, every time his grandmother takes the boy out to play, she buys him a toy, maybe a toy car, a balloon…, even an airplane model. This has inadvertently formed a bad habit for the child when every time he passed the toy store, the child would cry and yell, demanding to buy it.

  The son got angry and asked to buy a toy, the mother applied a high-handed trick to make the child obedient - Photo 1.

On one occasion, Tran’s son was lying on the ground in a public place to ask to buy. This incident made Ms. Tran extremely “salty” and decided to launch a “poison” trick to treat her child’s bad habits.

Accordingly, when going through the area selling children’s toys, Ms. Tran quickly covered her son’s eyes with her hand. The action is simple, but surprisingly very effective. Because he couldn’t see the toys, the boy stopped begging his mother to buy things.

Ms. Tran’s method after being posted has attracted a lot of attention from the online community. Many people appreciate the mother’s “small but martial” method of teaching children. However, many opinions believe that this method is only temporarily effective and cannot completely solve the child’s bad habits.

So what better way to deal with your child’s insistence on buying things?

1. Should make rules, remind many times before going to the supermarket

Children are always attracted to colorful and novel toys. Therefore, when going to a place such as a shopping mall, supermarket, etc., it is understandable that children ask to buy it. However, parents should make rules and remind their children before going. For example, tell your child: “You promised your mother not to ask for toys when you go to the supermarket!”

If the child insists, parents should gently repeat to the child to remember. Or give the child some other option to make him forget the request.

2. Calm and calm

Standing in a public place where your child is constantly demanding, even screaming or lying down is embarrassing. However, parents should not be angry and scold or give in to the matter. Because both of these ways do not make children change in a positive direction.

Giving in will make children repeat the tantrum again and again because they know that just doing it will get them what they want. And beating only makes children hurt, ashamed, creating a psychological resentful, angry and want to protest.

Parents, please keep a calm, soft but firm attitude when talking to your child. If parents are afraid to disturb people in public, parents can take their children to a more secluded and secluded location to talk privately.

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