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The wooden box reveals a person’s secret

ChinaDeath from old age is not unusual, but when Mr. Hua Huichun, 87 years old, passed away, the mysteries about him were revealed that shocked Anhui province.

To find a photo of his father, Mr. Xu’s second son opened a wooden box, a treasure he cherished while he was still alive, and discovered that in addition to the medals and certificates of merit that his father had received, letters were also found. have a notebook. Inside the notebook was a stack of yellowed papers.

The son looked at it and couldn’t believe it was all a money transfer voucher for charity, worth 60,000 yuan. Under each ticket is a very familiar name – Ly Ky – whom the whole An Khanh district has been looking for for decades.

Hua Hue Xuan, a factory worker, turns out to be a mysterious benefactor who has been donating silently for years.  Photo: 163

Hua Hue Xuan, a factory worker, turns out to be a mysterious benefactor who has been donating silently for years. Image: 163

The story of a man named Ly Ky began on July 8, 1991 when the Party Committee of An Khanh Petrochemical Factory received a letter from Dinh Thuong district, Anhui province. In the letter, a person named Ly Ky at An Khanh petrochemical factory donated 300 yuan to the district for disaster relief. 300 yuan then was equivalent to more than two months’ salary of an ordinary worker.

Knowing the news, the factory leaders looked for Ly Ky to commend them, but they realized that there was no one with that name. Television stations and newspapers also sent reporters to the factory for interviews, but returned empty-handed. A local newspaper even headlined “Ly Ky, where are you?” to find, but Ly Ky never showed up.

In the summer of 1998, there was a big flood in An Khanh, the name Ly Ky once again caused a stir in the whole region. An Khanh Petrochemical Factory Union again received a special letter, inside was a certificate that a person named Ly Ky had sent 3,000 yuan to the disaster relief association. This amount makes people guess that it must be donated by an organization or a certain giant. Despite the search by the government and the press, the person named Ly Ky is still a mystery.

Until March 20, 2019, when Hua Hue Xuan passed away, the wooden box with 28 money transfer slips signed by Ly Ky was the answer for all. As it turned out, Hua Hue Xuan is a famous mysterious philanthropist. Finally after 35 years, secret exists in this province has a solution.

Hua Hui Xuan and his wife in the 1960s, when volunteering to work at an oil field in Lanzhou Pass - which is known as the cradle of China's oil and gas industry.  Photo: 163

Hua Hui Xuan and his wife in the 1960s, when volunteering to work at an oil field in Lanzhou Pass – which is known as the “cradle” of China’s oil and gas industry. Image: 163

Mr. Xu was born in 1932 into a poor family in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. Since he was a teenager, he went to the city to earn a living. In 1976, he and his family moved to An Khanh, Anhui, to work in a chemical factory, when this area just broke ground. Here he worked as a carpenter.

Hua Hue Xuan is a person with high skills and especially responsible for her work. Once saw a pile of wood piled up outside the factory when the black rain was coming but no one moved into the workshop, without saying no, he alone took more than an hour to move all that wood inside. During 16 years of working until his retirement in 1992, he was awarded the title of advanced labor every year, but he only received the first year, the following years he gave it to his colleagues.

In work, Mr. Hua worked hard, in life he was famous in the region for being miserly. The whole family lives in a dilapidated 60 m2 house, but he is determined not to repair it. The daily meal consisted of vegetables only. Occasionally he would go to the market, only buying pig skin to simmer for a few meals.

Even the children themselves have to live in the frugality of the father. A grain of rice fell to the ground, he also asked his children to pick it up. New clothes, he didn’t let me wear them. When he left, he did not leave a dime for his children.

Many people find it difficult to understand, because as a carpenter of grade 8 (the highest), Mr. Xu’s income at that time was considered high in the factory. In 1984, he had a salary of 100 yuan, in 1992 it was 300 yuan per month, almost twice as much as the average worker. His wife is also a factory worker. After retiring, their salary amounts to more than 7,000 yuan per month.

Mr. Hua Hue Xuan's three sons check his father's money orders after his death.  Photo: 163

Mr. Hua Hue Xuan’s three sons check his father’s money orders after his death. Image: 163

Even so, people around him all admire Mr. Hua for his kind and generous lifestyle. In the factory, there is a new apprentice worker who earns only 22 yuan, because his father is sick and needs money for medicine. Knowing that Mr. Hua helped. In 1990, a colleague’s family had an accident, and Hua also donated clothes and utensils. Because he has a carpentry job, his neighbors broke a table, chair, and lack of a cutting board… all came to him. Mr. Hua’s son remembers once walking with his father and seeing a poor man on the road, his father stopped to ask questions and took off the shirt he was wearing.

In fact, Mr. Xu’s life was not comfortable at all. In addition to raising his three sons to study, in 1999 his wife suffered from necrosis of the femoral head, then she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and needed someone to take care of her. The youngest son has to be treated for nasopharyngeal cancer. Mr. Xu himself suffered from heart disease, a cerebral infarction due to myocarditis and spinal problems.

With such family conditions, it’s hard for ordinary people to think of him as a strong sponsor. All his life he was stingy with himself, but never with those in need.

The eldest son, Hua Hai Tan, said that the most touching and saddest memory was the last time his father donated 5,000 yuan, on July 18, 2016, to the An Khanh Department of Home Affairs.

At that time, he was 84 years old, just returned home after being hospitalized for a cerebral infarction. Hai Tan visited his father but was not at home. Asked the security guard, he learned that he had gone to the bank. The son ran to look for him and found his father stooped, leaning on crutches, taking each difficult step. The average person only takes 10 minutes from home to the bank, but it takes him more than an hour. “Dad fell to his knees. I thought I lost my father that time,” Hua Hai Tan said. Since then, his health has deteriorated, he can barely go downstairs.

What’s even more amazing is that twice, Ly Ky was selected in the list of “10 beautiful actions” of An Khanh petrochemical factory. He came out on top in both polls, but never received a reward.

In 1992 and 1993, he donated 10,000 yuan, respectively. Only 20,000 yuan that year could buy a house in An Khanh. However, he did not regret giving away all the money he had saved before retiring.

Inspired by Ly Ky’s noble deed, on April 30, 2019, Ly Ky Good People Fund was established at An Khanh Petrochemical Company. In just 3 days, the fund raised more than half a million yuan.

The first payment to the fund was the time when Hua Hue Xuan was awarded the prize but did not receive it in 1998.

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