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Vietnamese quiz: “Where is it that you put it to understand everything about heaven and earth?”

If you want to have a healthy brain, don’t let your brain idle. Continuous “brainstorming”, of course, figuratively will be like an exercise, helping the brain to be sharper and more agile. And one of the useful brainstorming ways is to play puzzles. We can play sudoku puzzles, word puzzles, quizzes, quizzes about knowledge, areas in life,…

For young children, playing puzzles is also a way to help them see problems from many perspectives, from which they can apply this skill in life later. It is known that quizzes are also considered an effective form of treatment for patients with psychological problems. Accordingly, the doctor will give puzzles that require the patient to think and use the brain at an optimal level. The puzzles will be increased in difficulty gradually.

After knowing the great benefits of puzzle games, what are you waiting for without challenging your brain with the quiz questions below:

Where to put, just lie there

But good about everything, heaven and earth, east and west

Early afternoon singing happily

Know all night and day, rain and shine, talented yet!


Vietnamese quiz: What is it that you put there to understand everything about heaven and earth?  - It sounds mysterious, but the answer is so EASY that I laugh - Photo 1.

What objects have such magical abilities? Lying in a place where everything is known, and still lively? In the end, what is it? Perhaps a lot of people will think that this must be a miracle, but if you read each data carefully, you will see that this is actually a very close thing. That is TAIPEI (radio, radio receiver).

Where to put, lie there, turn on the channel is all news, from news to music programs, this is not a radio then what is!

Adding some useful knowledge, the radio, or radio receiver, radio, radio player, … (in English called radio receiver) is a type of machine, electronic device that has the function of receiving The wave signal is routed from the vacuum and restored to the output signal. The signal is initially received through the antenna, amplified, and finally received information through demodulation. In consumer electronics, the term radio receiver is used to reproduce sound from radio stations. The former is the first mass-market radio detector app.

The most familiar form of a radio receiver is a transceiver, often just called a radio, that receives audio programs intended for public reception transmitted by local radio stations. Sound is reproduced by speakers in the radio or headphones plugged into jacks on the radio. The radio requires electricity, which is supplied either by a battery inside the radio or by a power cord that plugs into an electrical outlet. All radios have a volume control to adjust the loudness of the sound, and an adjustment to select the radio station to be received.

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