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Vu Van Thanh at HAGL and plays for Vietnam national team

In two consecutive matches, HAGL played impressively. In which, Cong Phuong all created goals and Van Thanh played with commendable performance.

In the first match against Yokohama F.Marinos, Vu Van Thanh rose to steal the ball in the defender’s leg. He calmly dribbled the ball past another opponent’s player before making a skillful cut of the left foot (not his dominant foot) to the far corner of the goal.

If the ball finds the net instead of bouncing the post, it will not only be the fastest goal of a Vietnamese representative in the AFC Champions League, but also a big mark that Vu Van Thanh has created in the Asian playground.

Vu Van Thanh at HAGL and wears the Vietnam national team shirt: Like two different people - Photo 1.

Vu Van Thanh performed impressively at HAGL.

In the next match, Van Thanh still made his mark on the offensive front. The extremely powerful and accurate footwork forced the goalkeeper of Sydney FC to go into the net to pick up the ball in the 26th minute of Van Thanh to help HAGL take the lead.

Remember, in this match, Van Thanh continued to play aggressively and continued to leave many imprints on both the offensive and defensive fronts. With the endurance of physical strength, impressive movement speed and good personal technique, the star of HAGL has caused many storms in front of his team’s goal.

According to Sofascore, Van Thanh is the player with the highest score in this match (7.5 points). Earlier in the match against Yokohama, defender Hai Duong was also the highest rated on HAGL side with a score of 7.1.

What Van Thanh showed surprised many people. Because just a few months ago, he was still struggling at the national team level, when Vietnam failed to compete in the AFF Cup 2020 and most of the matches in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia. .

Vu Van Thanh at HAGL and Vietnam national team: Like two different people - Photo 2.

Vu Van Thanh is in poor form in Vietnam Tel.

That is also the reason that Van Thanh lost the position of number 1 right-back to Tan Tai. Van Thanh himself admitted that he did not play well in a long period of the Vietnamese team.

The problem here needs to be further separated is, Van Thanh revived only in HAGL shirt or did he find his ego again. This is a very important question for Van Thanh personally and his fans. Obviously, to more clearly verify Van Thanh’s performance, fans and experts will still have to wait until the national team gathering this June.

Anyway, what Van Thanh shows is good for himself and HAGL. The Mountain City team had the first score in the AFC Champions League. While Van Thanh personally is causing Asian scouts to gradually keep an eye on him.

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