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Vung Tau City deploys cashless payment

On April 19, the City People’s Committee. Vung Tau had a meeting with Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank – MB Bank, Vung Tau Branch on the proposal of the Program Implementation Plan. cashless payment equal QR code In the city.

Mr. Hoang Vu Thanh, Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Vung Tau said that cashless digital transformation is an important step in the city’s digital transformation roadmap. At the same time, he also proposed MB Bank Vung Tau Branch to organize an effective pilot implementation of this program in Ward 7 – Vung Tau City; at the same time, learn from experience and overcome difficulties and obstacles in the implementation process; focus on communication, replication and mobilizing people in the area to reach consensus and high consensus to participate.

Accordingly, the non-cash payment program with QR codes in the city will go through two stages: Phase 1, opening accounts with QR codes for all points with fee payment services. , fees such as headquarters of People’s Committees of wards and communes, health stations, hospitals; and arrange staff to train synchronously for all transaction points. Phase 2, deploying to place QR as an additional form of payment at business points, accommodation – tourism, dining establishments… Currently, the unit is piloting a program of non-cash payment by code. QR at People’s Committee of Ward 7, City. Vung Tau. According to the survey, the rate of people responding is about 90%, the average number of transactions is 5 transactions / day, along with many utilities, convenience and speed for individuals and organizations.

Digital transformation and smart city construction is one of the four key tasks that the Party Congress has set out for the 2021-2025 term. Previously on February 24, Vung Tau City People’s Committee held a conference on digital conversion – cashless payment. This is the key task of Vung Tau City in the period 2021-2025 and Vung Tau is also the first locality of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province to implement this program.

Vung Tau City deploys cashless payment - Photo 1.

Mr. Hoang Vu Thanh, Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Vung Tau. (Photo: BRVT Newspaper)

On that basis, Vung Tau City has developed and implemented a plan to identify key digital transformation tasks in 2022 focusing on 3 pillars: digital government, digital society and economic activities. using digital information, digital knowledge, and digital data as the main factors of production.

The city determines to use the Internet and information technology networks as an operating space, using digital technology and digital platforms to increase labor productivity and optimize the economy.

Mr. Tran Dinh Khoa, Secretary of the Vung Tau City Party Committee said that many solutions will be implemented step by step. In particular, strengthening propaganda to change people’s habits in using cash payments to electronic payments through bank accounts, e-wallets and mobile money applications.

Vung Tau City deploys cashless payment - Photo 2.

MB Bank staff guide people to make non-cash payments by QR code at the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Ward 7, Vung Tau City. (Photo: BRVT Newspaper)

In 2022, Vung Tau sets the target of a chain of self-selected department stores having accounts on the e-commerce platform; 30-40% of accommodation service businesses have their own websites ready to join the province’s tourism e-commerce platform; 90% of historical sites and scenic spots in the area are attached with QR codes to serve tourists looking up information.

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