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When love falls into a ‘clinical death’ position

April 21, 2022 09:25 GMT+7

Our “love” story fell into a floating position, clinically dead, what to do?

For nearly a year now, our “love” story has fallen into a floating position, both sides just go on about it. Is this a form of “clinical death” of the couple?

S. Hanh (HCMC)

Although only a few square meters, but most of the loan rooms have the initiative, depending on the scene that he or she holds the balance.

There are many reasons why sex must operate on “autopilot”. Most commonly, they are victims of the “game of thrones”, due to inconclusiveness in arguing who is the leader, and then giving birth to a rage, leaving the bed… to swim on their own.

Love like a snake lost his head a lot when he was still having difficulty with his “mission”. Realizing their own problems, for the sake of the general situation, many husbands are willing to leave the throne. If so, what should be done, without him or her, as long as sex survives. However, even though they know that a bed can’t be without an owner for a day, because of the many extremes, the women often refuse to hold the flagpole, including the belly… not willing. Obviously, if she let her “flap the flag of the princess instead of acting as a general”, his incompetence would be more pronounced.

Image for illustration purposes only - SHUTTERSTOCK
Image for illustration purposes only – SHUTTERSTOCK

In the end, the conductor was not voluntary, but was… deprived of the right to dance with a stick because of his fault… standing on this mountain looking at that mountain. After the amnesty, he still had a chance to return to his wife’s belly, fortunately, there was no face that screamed fire.

Done with the root story, now discuss the consequences. The fate of such an “automatic” sleeping pattern is more harmful than “helpless” or “cold”. The bed is still warm and people are still having fun at night, maybe still full, but it’s hard to say… pleasure has an astral soul. There is no initiative or initiative, invention, innovation or revolution.

Regarding the treatment, let me say right away that the cases of sex without the first flag have a good prognosis, because they are usually only temporary or not difficult to resolve. For example, when she was angry, she was angry, but when she was in love, she deleted the “second room” sentence for him. It was easier if she had challenged her husband’s economic fortune before.

No matter what you say, everyone will realize that sex needs a boss, even an autocratic dictator is better than a strong scene that everyone fights. Particularly difficult cases may need the help of a psychologist.

In fact, many couples are maintaining this “push the button and run” pattern. Saying “clinical death” is too much, but don’t underestimate the word that makes the word sin.

Doctor Do Minh Tuan

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