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Where to go to not be ‘hacked’?

With the April 30 holiday approaching, many tourists choose attractive destinations to travel. However, the situation of “hacking and slashing” still makes many people afraid. Therefore, many people are “spreading” to each other tourist destinations that are praised for their friendliness, not causing difficulties for tourists.

Sapa (Lao Cai) It is home to many beautiful attractions such as Ham Rong flower garden, Muong Hoa valley, Silver waterfall, Gothic style stone church in the center, Bac Ha market… Especially, Fansipan – the highest mountain in Vietnam and is known as the “roof of Indochina” – has great attraction to those who love to explore.

Besides many beautiful attractions, Sapa is also loved by tourists because of its low price and rich cuisine. Therefore, every year, in every tourist season, Sapa is always full of guests.

Sapa also has a series of resort hotels and homestays with beautiful scenery, but the price visitors have to pay is only a few hundred thousand VND for a night stay.

Ha Giang It is also a destination with similarities to Sapa. The cool climate, majestic scenery and many scenic spots imbued with Northwest culture make visitors fascinated. On holidays or tourist seasons of the year, Ha Giang is always a choice for tourists who love to explore. Along with the wild beauty, the cost here is also very affordable.

Those who love the sea can choose the island Co To (Quang Ninh), 170 km northeast of Hanoi. This place is said to be the most beautiful beach in the North of our country.

In particular, in Co To, visitors only need to spend from 400,000 to 500,000 VND for a night at a hotel in the center of the island. Besides, visitors can also rent motorbikes to drive around the island for only 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day.

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Phu Yen tourism is popular with tourists because of its beautiful scenery and reasonable costs. (Illustration)

Another island located in the Ha Long Bay area is the island Cat Ba (Hai Phong). The island is a great jumping-off point for cruises along the bay. It has a lot to explore: national parks, three beautiful beaches, several caves, colorful scenes of the daily lives of fishermen and farmers…

Although the infrastructure here is not as developed as Vietnam’s beach resorts, it has everything you need to stay on the island from 2-3 days to a week. When you come here, you do not need to bring too much money and still have a satisfactory vacation.

In the central coastal area, visitors can come to Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh)This place is famous for its friendliness and hospitality, owning many beautiful beaches, 5-star resorts and diverse cuisines. Because this place has not been exploited for tourism for a long time, according to many visitors, Quy Nhon still has a wild beauty. indigenous people.

Coming to Quy Nhon, visitors will enjoy super cheap seafood dishes, many of which are only priced at 15,000 – 30,000 VND/piece.

Quy Nhon also has a series of accommodation facilities such as hotels and motels with prices ranging from affordable to 5-star. With 2-star hotels, resort prices will range from 400,000 to 800,000 VND/night.

One of the most exciting new destinations today is Phu Yen. Coming to Phu Yen tour, visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Phu Yen such as Vuc Phun, Vung Ro, Hon Nua, Dai Lanh Lighthouse, Chua island… Enjoying a temperate climate, it is cool and pleasant all year round. The cost for a trip here is considered to be among the cheapest in Vietnam.

Besides, visitors can also choose to go to the vast plateaus of the Central Highlands forest land during the holiday of April 30. Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak) It is an ideal destination with wild beauty, majestic but full of charm thanks to the immense coffee fields, majestic waterfalls, or the beauty of the legendary Serepok river.

Almost tourists who have been to Buon Ma Thuot never complain about being “hacked” because the costs here are always assessed as reasonable.

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