Who has been approved to buy a house?

On the afternoon of April 19, the Hanoi People’s Committee held a press conference to inform about the management and use of villas built before 1954 in the city. At the press conference, reporter Tien Phong raised the issue of publicizing the list of old villas that are allowed to be sold, as well as the necessary procedures if they want to buy back these old villas. Some reporters questioned the preservation of old villas, old villas built before 1954; how to avoid violations of construction order, avoid turning public property into private property.

Talking about a number of issues of interest to the press, Mr. Mac Dinh Minh, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Construction, said that according to management records, in the above 600 villas there are intertwined ownership. 600 villas with 5,686 households. Hanoi Housing Management Company has signed direct lease contracts with households. Up to now, 4,973 households have purchased, and 713 households are still renting (563 main houses, 150 auxiliary houses). “Therefore, we have a proposal to continue selling the villas among these 600 villas. Because the previous households could not afford to buy. Now it is necessary to develop a solution for them to buy and unify the way of management”, Mr. Minh said. Mr. Minh also clarified that this is not a widespread sale, but rather a sale to those who are using the villa stably, have a contract to rent the villa, or are distributed according to regulations.

Regarding the selling price of old villas, according to Mr. Minh, they are all based on the processes and regulations of the law, according to the land price list and according to the locations with the selling principle. All these facilities will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary council including the Department of Construction, Department of Finance, Tax Department, and Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment to determine the selling price.

According to Truong Phong

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