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YAM Cosmetic – High-end cosmetic brand officially launched in the market

YAM Cosmetic is a brand in the brand chain built by CEO Hoang Hanh, operating in multi-industry, providing quality and differentiated health and beauty care products and services.

Prominent among them are: Natural cosmetic brand I’m Nature with more than 50 million products sold on the market after 6 years of launch; chain system of 10 branches MBCenter – Spa care for mother and baby stretching from North to South.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Hoang Hanh – Founder – CEO of YAM Cosmetic shared her enthusiasm about the process of brand formation and the mission that the business pursues.

“YAM Cosmetic was formed in the context that consumers are becoming more and more fastidious in choosing health and beauty care products, especially the fear of domestic products has been formed for many years. .

However, along with my team, I always believe that products that are really effective, safe, benign, transparent, and most importantly, timely respond to consumers’ needs is the key point. core to build customer trust”.

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Ms. Hoang Hanh – Founder – CEO of YAM Cosmetic – spoke at the ceremony.

With the enthusiasm of the leadership and the efforts of the staff, YAM Cosmetic officially launched into the Vietnamese market after 5 years of research and development.

“Not only a high-end cosmetic brand, providing smart, scientific, safe and benign beauty solutions, YAM Cosmetic’s mission is to become a friend of health and beauty care experts, improve the lives of Vietnamese women”, CEO Hoang Hanh shared at the ceremony.

YAM COSMETIC puts science as a top priority with YAM’s products all applying modern technology from Korea, with the right ratio formula between natural medicinal ingredients and active ingredients, bringing The dual effect helps the skin to be cared for, protected, nourished and regenerated, so that the skin is healthy, young and beautiful sustainably.

The company has also collaborated with a team of leading experts and dermatologists in Vietnam in training consultants to assist customers in planning a suitable course for each skin type and individual.

Right at the brand launch event, YAM Cosmetic also launched at the same time a series of cosmetic skin care products from basic to advanced including: Basic skin care set, restorative skin care set, product set Skin lightening products, eye cream.

YAM Cosmetic - High-end cosmetic brand officially launched in the market - Photo 2.

YAM COSMETIC is an effective, safe, benign and transparent cosmetic set.

In which, the most noticeable are two sets of intensive treatment products: The skin lightening product set includes YAM Shiny White Serum and YAM Shiny White Cream; The pink skin care set includes YAM Bright White Serum and YAM Bright White Cream.

The two sets of products are considered to be a turning point in skin care when users can use them at home but get the same effect or even surpass the spa treatments.

The launch of a set of intensive treatment products that can be used at home shows the agility, keeping up with the beauty trends of the brand founders. YAM Cosmetic launched at this right time to meet the urgent beauty needs of millions of women.

YAM Cosmetic Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company

Address: No. 10, lane 26 Do Quang, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Phone number: 0973 004 262



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