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14 years of exhausting living with her husband

My husband is a farmer, I am a freelance worker, my husband only knows how to do housework, and he pours all his money on my shoulders.

Before, I saw him as a gentle man, both a local, less than a kilometer apart from each other. Ever since I got married, I’ve been walking to hell. An alcoholic, gambling man appeared in my life. I’m not afraid of poverty, I don’t mind suffering, but the man next to me is so bad. At the age of 40, I have not been happy.

I replaced my husband to take care of my grandparents until the day they closed their eyes. I took out a loan to pay for my living in the house. My husband doesn’t care if I’m tired, I don’t have money, my daughter studies and then I’m sick and I worry about it. After years of suffering, working day and night, I fell ill. He cursed and beat. I have to continue to borrow money from relatives and friends, even with high interest rates. No matter what, I have to treat my illness completely, because of my daughter, I need to work hard to live.

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I live according to the moral tradition, I must follow my husband when I get married, I can bear the bitterness, I have no complaints. Now I feel so tired, I just want a divorce. I just need to have my baby beside me to live out the rest of my days. Hope you will share.


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