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5 rules ‘by heart’ to negotiate for a job

A company offers you a position that you really like, but the disappointment is that the salary is less than you think you deserve. If the HR side says: “This job is not just for the money. Won’t you take the job unless we give you a raise?”, do you give up easily?

Will you be a bright candidate in the negotiation round?

What cost are you worth?

If you want an employer to raise your offer, you have to convince them that you’re worth it. Do not forget to find out the common salary in the market of the industry and position you are applying for to come up with a reasonable negotiated salary with the employer. You can consult or seek advice from friends and people in the same field, but most people probably consider this a sensitive issue. The simplest way, without depending or requiring you to skillfully ask anyone, is to use the online salary survey tool VietnamSalary. Also, don’t say outright that “If it doesn’t increase, I won’t do it”, but give compelling reasons, for example, the number of orders from the old company has increased 3 times since they hired you as a manager. sales group.

Make it clear that you want to work for them

If you’re going to negotiate, make sure you seriously want to work for them. You can mention other job offers if you have one, but make it clear that you would be happy if you could forgo those options to accept this offer. Employers won’t want to waste time thinking about you if they think you’re too “cool”, or don’t really love the position.

Understand employer constraints

They may like you, they may think you deserve the salary you want, but they still can’t meet it. You should understand that they may have certain constraints, such as salary limits. So find other benefits to negotiate. If it’s a large company that’s hiring 20 people like you at a time, they probably can’t give you a higher salary than everyone else, but can be flexible in terms of timing, number of vacation days or % year-end bonus. If it’s a small company, it’s easier to adjust wages.

5 rules ‘by heart’ to negotiate for a job
Consider priority criteria when negotiating

Review the entire deal

“Negotiating a job” is different from “negotiating salary”. Don’t get attached to every money thing. Evaluate the value of the entire deal: your responsibilities, location, travel requirements, work, flexibility in working hours, opportunities for growth and advancement, perks, training support create, take care of health… There are benefits that are in fact worth more than salary.

Negotiate multiple issues at the same time

It’s usually a good idea to state all of your wishes in one sitting. Don’t say: “The pay is a bit low. I want you to consider it” and when the employer has solved it for you, say, “Thanks. Now I want to negotiate the year-end bonus…”. Asking for “escalation” makes it difficult for employers to be generous or understanding. If you have a lot of wishes, pick out the ones that really matter. In particular, it is not advisable to send an “ultimatum” with a series of requests. There are things that are not negotiable at this point, but you can change them another time. What matters is whether this employer can provide the most satisfying value for you, and whether the position is worth your time.

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