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8 bedroom secrets to help husband and wife sublimate-Life’s Health

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Sexual harmony is the dream of many couples, with only these 8 bedroom secrets you will be able to open the key to the bedroom with your sublimated husband.

How long has it been since you felt satisfied with your husband?

For 10-20 years of marriage, sex is always at the bottom of the list of priorities. Many couples get caught up in the whirlpool of children, careers, and social relationships… that neglect sex, “starve” their spouses, let alone harmony.

8 secrets of the bedroom to help husband and wife sublimate - 1

How long have you not felt satisfied and harmonious when having sex with your husband? Illustration.

Have you ever asked the question: “When was the last time you and your husband had sex?, “How long has it been since you had sex with your husband?” While sex is one of them. very important factors for marriage.

If every night the two of you just lie on the bed and dial the phone, or “return the card” to the rule, then memorize the following 8 secrets for husband and wife to harmonize in the bedroom, to keep the fire of their marriage .

Take the time to learn how to stay warm

As long as the couple has been together, they are still two independent individuals, with completely different genders, personalities and body compositions. Therefore, both need to spend time learning about “sex” in order to achieve pleasure and keep the heat in the room.

Learn the secrets of harmony online

In the past, most women thought that reading articles, following sex sharing was considered something horrible and immoral.

But with modern women have the right to filter information and refuse to absorb inappropriate knowledge.

“Educated more” – the majority of women, after being oriented and consulted about sex, shared that they have a more fulfilling sex life. So women don’t be afraid to turn on their phones or computers and listen to share and learn from those who have gone before.

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Changing the space is one of the secrets to getting along with your husband. Illustration.

Change the space

In the past, “the bedroom” was for a couple in a separate room – to promote privacy – today it is necessary to change that mindset.

In your house everything can be turned into a bed – oddly enough for some – but men love novelty and adventure – especially sex.

If you actively suggest sex places outside the bed, he will be very surprised and extremely impressed.

Use the bathroom as a secret to harmonize “sex”

Try “attacking” while he’s in the shower – being in a cramped, steamy space will spark his sex drive.

For better friends, try cuddling in public places like the cinema, in an elevator – this is a little nervous, a little sneaky.

Risk is also a factor that creates orgasm in “love”. But make sure the location is hidden, low light and low traffic – because you don’t want to be peeped, or seen by anyone, right?

Always sexy in love

The bedroom is a private place for two people, so there is no hesitation in hiding your body. Let the dim yellow lights and glamorous lace nightgown spark his excitement and “possessive” instincts. At that time, no matter how busy he is, or how tired he is, he can’t get out of your arms.

If you want something new, try the game “transform”, surprise him by playing the role of “innocent schoolgirl”, young and shy, making him melt before this sweetness. The images of nurses and secretaries are also “incarnation” options to help make love more sublimated.

Share often

In order to keep the husband and wife relationship more harmonious and perfect in “sex”, husband and wife need to spend time sharing with each other. The fact that the “opponent” often falls asleep and leaves his partner behind is not strange to some women, but blaming him must also admit mistakes on his part.

After he got tired of the battle, instead of each person taking a corner, we should pamper our husband a little.

Do some massage and whisper to see if he’s satisfied or ask him what he wants in the next relationship.

Surely no husband refuses to open his mouth when being cared for and spoiled like that, right?

8 secrets of the bedroom to help husband and wife sublimate - 4

Intimate gestures, repeated love for many years is the factor that kills the sexual feelings of the couple. Illustration

Schedule a perfect love affair

Before such a busy life, planning for love is also a viable option. Because falling in love while both are physically and mentally exhausted is not a light torture.

Instead, spend a date night, leave the kids at your grandparents’ house, or book a spot at a favorite restaurant you both love. Then at night, with a little yeast from a glass of red wine and careful preparation, your love life will be more complete.

Being proactive is the secret to harmony between husband and wife in the bedroom

Outdated conceptions of gender roles in love have greatly affected the quality of married life. Many husbands share that their wives are too passive, even in the worst case, they think they are making love with… a log.

Show interest and enthusiasm for him by proactively suggesting love, changing positions.

Sometimes, give him a feeling of being conquered by “attacking” him by surprise. Surely your husband will rush at you right away because of this strong stimulation.

The novelty helps the couple to harmonize in the bedroom

Intimate gestures, repeated love for many years is the factor that kills the sexual feelings of the couple.

Get creative, look for new “relationship” positions to change the wind, play stimulating games and promise “rewards” to the winners.

Surely your husband will give up playing games, and be interested in the bed games you create. The use of supporting tools such as love chairs, sex toys will surely surprise him.

Take care of your body more

According to the law of nature, after the age of 30, the body will gradually age, the amount of collagen and estrogen in the body gradually decreases, women should give priority to supplementing with functional foods, supplementing substances from the inside to support the process. beauty to good skin shape.

In addition to the secrets that need to be memorized to keep the husband in harmony, it is also necessary to beautify the outside, trim and groom the sensitive area, a little perfume of the intimate area will make the fun more exciting.

A sport exercise regime such as yoga, gym should also be prioritized. When you have a toned and beautiful body, you will be more comfortable and confident to master your love life.

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