“A sustainable brand is a responsible brand”

Hello, Ms. Thuy Tien! Being “from” a leading French corporation in the world, what motivates you and your team to believe that Corèle lingerie brand will be able to conquer lingerie users in Vietnam?

Two years ago, our group decided to establish Corèle company to bring this French lingerie brand to production and distribution in Vietnam. Our group is proud to be an exporter of hundreds of millions of “Made in Vietnam” lingerie products to European and American markets. But it’s time for us to ask ourselves if Vietnamese consumers are really owning responsible products and clear origins? That is also the reason why Corèle was born with the desire to create lingerie products with high requirements for quality as well as the accompanying services.

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Ms. Nguyen Tri Thuy Tien – CEO of lingerie brand Corèle

As a brand with a strong French breath, does designing a lingerie collection in the Vietnamese market make it difficult for you and the team?

Corèle owns a team of very famous French lingerie designers with many years of experience in many leading brands in the world, but we also face many difficulties when setting up Vietnameseized designs. Keeping design standards at the same time expressing the brand identity and meeting the preferences and habits of users is something that I attach great importance to. I believe in fashion in general and lingerie in particular, the more brands that focus on “fitting” – tailoring that best suits the user’s body, the more sustainable they will develop. That’s why Corèle always focuses on market research and delves into what Vietnamese women want to create a separate parameter system for the Vietnamese body.

What are the orientations of Corèle that you and the team believe the brand can create a foothold in the domestic market?

More than ever, women are becoming extremely smart consumers. We do not go in the direction of creating demand for customers to buy too many products, but encourage them to buy the right needs while adding value through product durability, as well as the concept of “best-demand”. best response). Besides, I and my associates also quickly focused on e-commerce. Our general principle is that customers who buy online also experience the same purchasing and after-sales service as when going to the store in person.

You mentioned sustainability and natural elements in Corèle products, is this a key strategy of the brand?

Right! We are a brand that values ​​responsibility, so the first priority is to promote the use of right quality and environmentally friendly raw materials, along with the plan to completely Vietnamize the production supply. (currently at 60%).

Besides, sustainability for us is also about community and society. Over the past 30 years, our group has contributed to creating a job ecosystem for 20,000 members in Vietnam, not to mention the plan to recruit more than 10,000 more members and many educational projects “Full training”. life”. This is the mission that carries our high responsibility commitment to society and the community, as well as contributes to building the sustainability of a leading business that is well received not only by customers but also by each individual. members of a growing group.

Sustainability is increasingly important but has not yet received widespread attention in Vietnam. In your opinion, how can users change their behavior and be more conscious to own products that “buy less, use them longer”?

Be more responsible with each item in your wardrobe. I understand that diversity in fashion is still fascinating and can’t be ignored by women, but besides items that are pleasing to the eye, be mindful of items that you will “love forever” . LIVE Corèle’s lingerie brandwe always approach modern designs without sacrificing the sustainability of our products, helping each woman who wears our lingerie feel that their skin is being protected by our materials. sourced and of the best quality but with a surprising longevity.

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Corèle lingerie is produced with the goal of responsibility to customers and society


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