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Admire the most eye-catching and gorgeous festive makeup looks

Summer is the peak of the festive season. So you know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Learn the following makeup styles right away, you will definitely shine brighter than ever.

From the pure, gentle appearance, to the personality, to the rebellious, festive season There is no shortage of new and unique makeup styles. This is also the time for girls to unleash their creativity and experiment with their signature styles.

Make-up style stone engagement is the hot trend of this season. Use sparkling beads and stones to adorn your eyes and that will make others look at you without wanting to leave, adding a little highlight with a matching hair accessory.

If you choose a gentle, feminine makeup style with nude colors, you should wear colorful and cheerful outfits.

Use purple eyeshadow, apply false eyelashes and complete the magical beauty with makeup style with rhinestones on the eyelids.

Rainbow colors are not only applied on trendy dresses and nail designs, but they are also fashion motifs that help you “stand out” when covered in color on the “window of the soul”.

Do not “frame” forever with traditional black eyeliner because eyeliner has many colors for you to choose from. Using duck-neck blue eyeliner in the same color as your outfit will give you a new and attractive look.

This is definitely a “unique” makeup style you must try right this festive season. Floating eyeliner by gluing silver reflective metal plates and attaching small stones around the face.

Makeup with a sweet peach orange tone is suitable for most of the “banh beo” girls, highlighting a bit at the corners of the eyes with iridescent particles.

Bringing a wild, liberal bohemian style with rhinestones around the body and bold European-American makeup style.

Harmonious blend of bright summer colors on the eyes and the use of plastic butterfly hair accessories give you a classic Y2K look.

Summer is indispensable for the presence of fresh green, smoky eyeliner with this color, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

And also can not ignore the fiery orange, full of passion.

It seems that eye makeup with stones is the most popular beauty trend during the holiday season, as evidenced by the fact that the girls “race” to wear this style and whoever wears the most stones will shine.

Blue eyes + orange lips, seem to be opposite colors, but they give you a very personal and special appearance.

During the festive season, girls can freely style with many styles make up diverse, full of novelties that in everyday life can hardly be tested. And from those styles, stylish ladies also have the opportunity to show their own “unique” “quality”.

By: Elle, Glamor

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