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Amazon and SpaceX win contracts to build NASA telecommunications satellites

The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the US spy satellite NROL-87 left the launch pad on February 3 (Image: SpaceX)

The satellite manufacturing joint venture including the Kuiper project of the Amazon e-commerce group, the Starlink project of the SpaceX space exploration technology group and other satellite manufacturing companies won contracts on April 20. VND with a total value of 278.5 million USD from the US Space Agency (NASA) to send telecommunications satellites into space.

NASA is increasingly looking to rely more on private space companies to fuel its operations and wants to ramp up commercial activities in areas ranging from space telecommunications to people-to-funds. religion. Of those contracts, Amazon’s Kuiper project won a $67 million contract, while SpaceX’s Starlink project received a $70 million contract.

“The goal of NASA is to develop the space telecommunications industry and its capabilities not only for the agency but also for other sectors,” said Eli Naffah, head of NASA’s Space Telematics Services Project. customers in the hope of reducing costs, so each of the above satellite manufacturing companies is expected to complete the development and launch of the satellite by 2025 in accordance with the signed contract.

According to analysts, these Internet service contracts could bring in billions of dollars in revenue for operators once the telecommunications satellites are fully operational.

SpaceX’s Starlink project currently has thousands of customers in many countries around the world, while Amazon is aiming to launch the first two prototype telecommunications satellites later this year.

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