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‘American education is attractive thanks to its liberal approach’

After 2 years of sending her children to public schools in the US, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tho is impressed with the liberal arts education model, extracurricular activities, focusing on individualization…

Information shared by teacher Nguyen Ngoc Tho at the seminar The SACE Journey – Unlock Gen Z episode 5, the topic of choosing a school for your child, broadcast on VnExpress, April 19th.

As Dean of the Faculty of Culture, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tho had a business trip to the US in 2017. Due to his long working time, he brought his whole family, including two children of primary and secondary school age. “With the individualized education method, combining the children’s agility, the children quickly adapt and integrate into the new environment”, the speaker said that his two children had no relationship with each other. prepare in advance for admission here.

According to him, in American schools, teachers often only provide materials, materials, materials as well as directions for children to form their own research plans, then connect with friends to complete tasks together. service. Thanks to this, his children quickly connect with local friends.

The school also focuses on communication between teachers and parents about children’s learning, psychophysiology. Teachers even organize face-to-face meetings with each parent or a group of parents to discuss and coordinate to find the best way to develop their children.

I am impressed with the method of education in the US

Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Tho on a trip to discover Nevada, USA.

Another impressive point is that the schools focus on the ability to appreciate the arts. In both elementary and high school training programs, students are required to learn an additional art form, such as drums, piano, choir, etc. The school organizes concerts twice a year so that children can have fun. opportunity to show off in front of parents and schools.

“I’m impressed with this, because it helps my child to develop personally, while being able to realize the overall power of harmony and cohesion,” said Mr. Tho.

Teachers are also interested in the ability of each individual, if they see that a student has outstanding talent in a certain subject, the teacher will actively discuss with parents to invest in their children. “In my family, a friend has artistic ability, so the teacher actively suggested that my child study more, but at that time, I finished a business trip and had to go home,” the expert shared.

Studying in the US, children almost do not have to memorize them at home, the school will have a way to teach students to remember events right in class. For example, teachers borrow music to talk about historical periods, students compose their own music and collaborate with friends to present a historical period. “I find this to be an interesting way to learn, helping children to remember naturally and understand the essence of the problem, rather than rote each sentence,” Assoc. Dr. Ngoc Tho said.

With a liberal education model, focusing on personalization, and actively connecting between parents and the school, Mr. Tho added that after a short time studying in the new environment, not only quickly catch up with friends but also rise to the top of the class, being praised by teachers.

According to experts, in education, it is important for parents to know their child’s ability, if their children are capable, they should not be too worried and pressured when their children first enter a new environment, because the father himself Mother also cannot know in advance to prepare properly, and may even cause unnecessary interference.

If during his time in the US, Mr. Ngoc Tho chose a public school for his children because the tuition fee is completely free, while the educational methods are good and the facilities are modern, when returning to Vietnam, the first thing to do is find a school equivalent to the educational method in the US, in order to avoid the disruption of the school environment, learning methods… However, he also admitted that it is necessary to consider financial issues because the family’s income is not too rich. abundant.

In this regard, Dr. Nguyen Tran Phi Yen – lecturer at RMIT University and moderator of the seminar said that the best school for children is the school that is suitable for the family and the child’s development goals. If the choice is too overwhelming, creating financial pressure, it will be difficult for family members to create a comfortable atmosphere where they can relax and talk to each other. Or if parents put all their heart and money into their children, they also put pressure on their children because they fear failure, making their mothers sad, disappointed, and unintentionally creating a gap between generations.

Pearl league

The series of seminars The SACE Journey – The journey to the world’s top university from grade 10 is within the framework of Education Connect – an educational connection portal organized by VnExpress online newspaper and Scotch AGS Monolingual International School. Experts will discuss educational topics to assess the challenges of Gen Z parents when accompanying their children, and share orientational views for high school students.
Scotch College Adelaide – an international education system with more than 100 years of development in Australia, is now available in Vietnam, starting with the launch of Scotch AGS International School of Monolinguals from Grade 1 to Grade 12, standardizing the curriculum. Australian National Education (ACARA), received the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE, with international validity.
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