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American strategic bombers caught fire

A B-1B Lancer bomber caught fire in the parking lot at the Dyess base in the US state of Texas, injuring at least two.

7th Bomb Wing of the Air Force America Yesterday, the incident occurred during maintenance of a B-1B Lancer bomber at Dyess Air Base in Texas on April 20, when one of the plane’s four engines caught fire.

“Quick response forces were on the scene and brought the fire under control. Two people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a nearby medical center,” the 7th Air Wing’s statement read.

Video shared on social media shows intense flames engulfing part of the fuselage, wings and underneath the plane lying in the parking lot.

American strategic bombers in flames

The B-1B caught fire in the video released on April 21. Video: Facebook/AFamnncosnco.

The extent of the plane’s damage and whether it will be scrapped is not yet known. If it decides to repair, the US Air Force will need a long time to restore operational capabilities, causing the country’s B-1B bomber fleet to be reduced in the context of an increasing shortage of forces.

B-1B was produced in the period 1983-1988, the first aircraft entered service on October 1, 1986. B-1B is equipped with 6 external pylons and three internal weapons bays, allowing it to carry 57 tons of weapons of all kinds, making it the largest strategic bomber in the US with a payload.

The United States last year completed 17 of 62 B-1B Lancer aircraft after decades of service, the first step in a plan to decommission the entire fleet in the next 10 years to make room for bombers. newer.

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