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“Beast Soul” 10 thousand years old reappears in the new game of VNG-Information Technology

Friday, April 22, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

A Ngan is fondly called the “National Soul Master” with the remarkable ability to restore vitality to the whole team in the game Dou La VNG: Dou Than Tai Lam.

Dou La VNG: Dou Than Tai Lam is a gacha strategy game that brings a lively Soul Land Douluo Mainland to the original standard, just released by VNGGames in Vietnam on March 31, 2022. Where Soul Masters collect Martial Souls from Hunting Animal Souls, combine Soul Rings, activate Soul Skills… to fight together online, overcome fierce battles to reach the highest realm of the world. Perfect Martial Soul: God Level.

Favoredly called “National Soul Master” with remarkable ability to restore vitality to the whole team, A Ngan is expected to become an Assistant Spirit Master “rooted” in the last row in most of the lineups. Gamer’s War Dou La VNG: Dou God Returns.

"Beast Soul"  10 thousand years re-appear in the new game of VNG - 1

Owner Lam Ngan Hoang “reincarnated”

In Douluo Mainland, A Ngan is a Soul Beast that has been restored to human form for 100,000 years by the Blue Silver Emperor. In the 5th year of the Soul Master World calendar, she met and fell in love with Tang Hao. Because A Ngan is a Soul Beast with a cultivation base of 100,000 years, equivalent to 100,000 years of Soul Hoan and Soul Bone, surpassing level 70, ie the realm of the Holy Spirit, he has lured the greed of Martial Souls, leading to a fierce pursuit. of Douluo Mainland at that time. In order to protect the life of her husband and newborn son Duong Tam, A Ngan decided to sacrifice – entrust her body, soul, life, Soul Ring and Soul Bone to the opponent, accepting eternally unable to reincarnate. transposition.

In the new version A Ngan – Eternal Guardian has just been updated on the morning of April 22, Dou La VNG: Dou Than Tai Lam officially reincarnated A Ngan. This SSR Soul Master is expected by gamers because of the almost perfect skill set in the Auxiliary system with effects: Silence, dodge buff, prolong debuff, heal, restore energy for the whole squad. In which, A Ngan is especially appreciated with the ability to increase dodge and heal; and help increase the ability of tanks to dodge, allowing them to live longer in each battle.

"Beast Soul"  10 thousand years reappear in the new game of VNG - 3

With an abundant source of recovery as well as control, many gamers say: A Ngan is often preferred to go with Soul Masters with good large-area control like Duong Tam, damage over time like Nguyet Quang. , the recommended finishing damage to use Tieu Vu or Chu Truc Thanh. Tank champions can be chosen according to their preferences, as long as there are enough “buffaloes” for the backline Soul Masters to comfortably attack.

"Beast Soul"  10 thousand years re-appear in the new game of VNG - 4

The whole family of Duong Hao – Duong Tam – A Ngan is also considered a perfect set of 3 when increasing by more than 10% the Evasion efficiency for all Soul Masters that the player owns.

A Ngan’s Ten Levels of Soul Ring: Auxiliary skill set “top of the top”

Possessing the Emperor-level Flora Martial Spirit of Lam Ngan Hoang, A Ngan is equipped with a skill set by Dou La VNG: Dou Than Tai Lam:

– Skill 1 (Active – Diep Lac Phong Hou): Active when casting Blue Silver Grass, causing the enemy group to take {0}+100% normal attack damage and silence the target for 2 seconds.

– Skill 2 (Blue Ngan Guardian): Effective when casting Blue Silver Hoang at the waist of an ally, every 10 seconds will help the Soul Master with the lowest health rate on our side to dodge the next 2 attacks from the enemy.

– Skill 3 (Active – Martial Soul True Body): At this time, A Ngan will transform into Blue Silver Grass, dealing {0}+200% normal attack damage to the enemy group, if the target is stunned, the stun will last for 3 seconds.

– Skill 4 (Guardian Wing): Blue Silver Emperor transforms into energy, transforms into A Ngan’s wing, helps teammates dodge attacks and increases the number of evasions of Blue Silver Guardian by 3 times.

– Skill 5 (Spring Phong Moc Vu): Lam Ngan Hoang has the ability to remove all pain. When an ally’s HP is below 30%, A Ngan casts Healing Rain on an ally in need of healing, restoring 7% HP every second for 5 seconds. Each ally can only activate once.

"Beast Soul"  10 thousand years re-appear in the new game of VNG - 5

– Skill 6 (Spring Feng Shui Huu Sinh): Blue Silver Emperor has the characteristic of never withering, when A Ngan’s health is below 30%, each time he takes damage, there is a 50% chance to recover 10% of his health.

– Skill 7 (Blue Silver Abyss – Silence): After casting the Marquis of Diep Lac 4 times, A Ngan deploys Abyss of Blue Silver-Thunder Mo, which increases the effectiveness of Diep Lac Phong Marquis of Silence by 5 seconds.

– Skill 8 (Vinh Hang Thu): Blue Silver Emperor transformed into a giant Eternal Tree, receiving powerful vitality energy, making the healing effect of Xuan Phong Moc Vu enhanced, recovering 10% of the target’s health every second.

– Skill 9 (Lam Ngan Abyss – Wishing Happiness): When the number of Soul Masters on our side is less than 3, A Ngan deploys Blue Silver Abyss – Blessing, which actively and effectively prolongs the target’s stun duration by 3 seconds.

– Skill 10 (Abyss of Blue – Eternal): This is A Ngan’s strongest move. When she realizes the ultimate meaning of Blue Silver Abyss, when the battle begins for 30 seconds, A Ngan deploys Blue Silver Abyss-Everlasting, helping her teammates recover 4 True Body Martial Soul energy every second.

In addition to the two famous auxiliary titles, Ninh Vinh Vinh and Ao Tu Ta, now the player Dou La VNG: Dou Than Tai Lam has added new options when combining the squad. It can be said that the power that A Ngan possesses is rare and hard to find in the entire Douluo Continent. Even many gamers have commented that A Ngan can alone “weigh well” 4 opponents – something that not all Soul Masters can do. In particular, when leveling A Ngan to level 70, the wide-area silenced Abyss Blue – Tram Mo will make the enemy “mute” for up to 5 seconds, freeing teammates of the Control system and Quan Cong to launch the attack. pressure.

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