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Blind love and betrayal of a woman with a “evil” soul

Police of Thanh Ba district (Phu Tho) arrested subjects Le Thi Xuan (born in 1984, residing in Hanh Cu commune, Thanh Ba district) and Le Dang Khai (born 1980, in Vinh Chan commune, Ha Hoa district, Phu province). Tho) to investigate the act of “Murder”.

Previously, the Thanh Ba District Public Security Bureau received a complaint from the family of Mr. Quat Van B (SN 1985) about being poisoned by his wife Le Thi Xuan with rat poison.

Summoned to the police station, knowing that he could not deny the crime, Xuan confessed that because in his married life there were many conflicts, this subject himself had a romantic relationship with Le Dang Khai, so They discussed buying rat poison to poison Mr. B.

On the afternoon of April 1 and the morning of April 2, Xuan mixed rat poison twice in Fami’s milk and gave it to Mr. B to drink. After drinking a glass of milk, Mr. B showed signs of bleeding in the toilet, so his family took him to Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital for emergency and treatment.

On April 14, Mr. B was discharged from the hospital and was diagnosed by the Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital of poisoning with rat poison. Being questioned by her husband’s family, Xuan confessed all of her actions. Mr. B’s family filed a complaint with the police.

Wife and mistress poison her husband with rat poison: Blind love and betrayal of a woman with a

Subject Xuan at the police station (photo TL)

Lawyer Vu Duc Long (Hanoi Bar Association) said that this is a very condemnable behavior, showing the selfish and cruel betrayal of the perpetrator. Notably, in this case Xuan has the help of his mistress. The subjects must know that this is a poisonous drug, but still deliberately mixed it with milk for Mr. B to drink, so this is murder.

The fact that victims are fortunate to have escaped death due to timely medical attention, but they still have to be criminally responsible for the crime of “Murder” with circumstances aggravating the criminal liability as “thugs” is regulated. at point n (Clause 1, Article 123, Penal Code 2015).

Accordingly, “murder with thug nature” is a case of killing people without cause or intentionally using petty pretexts to kill people. It shows a sense of disregard for the law, disregard for other people’s lives and rules in life.

In addition, with the act of twice mixing rat poison for her husband to drink, the subjects may be subject to additional aggravating circumstances specified at point e (clause 1, Article 52, Penal Code) as “Attempted” committing the crime to the end”.

Wife and mistress poison her husband with rat poison: Blind love and betrayal of a woman with a

Khai was arrested at the police station

According to lawyer Long, although the victim did not die, the murder of the subjects constituted a crime from the time Xuan and his lover mixed rat poison in milk to give it to Mr. B to use. Because the victim’s life was saved, Xuan and her lover will be applied the circumstances of committing an unsatisfactory crime as prescribed in Articles 15 and 57 of the Penal Code 2015 and a penalty of not more than 20 years in prison.

“Among the moral rights, the right to life, the right to respect and protect human life is the most natural, sacred and noble right, no other right can be compared. Therefore, the invader. Infringing this right will be handled in accordance with the law.In this case, the behavior of Xuan and his mistress will be handled by the local procedural authorities for the crime of “Murder” is grounded, correct. provisions of law.

Regardless of the legal sanctions, the first thing that the wife and her lover ruthlessly poisoned the husband will be strongly condemned by the whole community and in the future will have to face the strict sanctions of the law. the law. Besides being judged by the law, a judgment of conscience will follow the wife for the rest of her life,” lawyer Long shared.

Article 15. Unsatisfactory offenses

Committing an unsatisfactory crime is intentionally committing a crime but failing to complete it due to reasons beyond the will of the offender.

Persons who commit unsatisfactory crimes must bear penal liability for unsatisfactory crimes.

Article 57. Penalty decision in case of preparing to commit a crime or committing an unsatisfactory crime

1. For acts of criminal preparation and unsatisfactory offenses, punishments shall be decided according to the articles of this Code on corresponding crimes depending on the nature and degree of danger to society of the acts. vigilance, the degree of execution of the criminal intent and other circumstances that prevent the crime from being carried out to the end.


3. For unsatisfactory crimes, if the applicable law provides that the highest penalty is life imprisonment or death, a prison term of not more than 20 years shall be applied; if it is a term imprisonment, the penalty shall not exceed three-quarters of the prison term prescribed by the law.

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