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Boxing beauties like to wear thin bikinis, knocking out tall male boxers

(Sports news, martial arts news) Not only famous for bikinis, 35-year-old female boxers possess the same strength as men.

Video of a bikini beauty knocking down a male boxer

Ebanie Bridges used to be a math teacher in Australia, but her life and career changed when she worked part-time as a ring-girl. Work related to martial arts helped Bridges see and access many martial artists, her passion for martial arts also started there.

Boxing beauties like to wear thin bikinis, knocking out tall male boxers - 1

Bridges just released 50% of the punch that the male boxer collapsed

Leaving all related work to practice, Bridges became a woman Boxing amateur and then turned professional in 2019. After 5 consecutive wins, becoming the female champion of the Australian chicken (57 to 61 kg), Bridges was scheduled to play the WBA world title match with Shannon. Courtenay on April 10, 2021 but she failed.

At this time, Bridges was considered just an entertainment star, where she was mentioned as a girl who often warms up the event with delicate, eye-catching bikinis. But Bridges proved she is the top boxer in the world when she defeated Maria Cecilia Roman, to win the IBF world chicken belt on March 26, 2022 in the UK.

Bridges has a very good physique and physical strength when she used to be a fitness model. Recently, the 35-year-old girl surprised the online community by punching a male opponent. In a clip posted online, Ebanie Bridges punches a male boxer and calls him “pathetic”.

According to Dailystar, in fact, this is just a staged clip, but the actor boxer was beaten for real. The man in the clip is Paul Olima, a content creation specialist on social networks.

Olima plays rival Bridges. He was surprised to find out that he was playing against a girl: “What, I’m playing against a girl?”. When preparing to fight Olima asked, “Are you ready? Are you sure you want to fight me?”. As soon as she finished her sentence, Olima received a heavy hook from Bridges, then received another punch before “falling asleep”. Bridges said “it’s pathetic”.

Olima posted the clip on social media and admitted that he was just an actor, but he described that he received the punch too hard, even though Bridges had only released 50% of the punch.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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