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Can’t compete, Instagram ‘begs’ users not to repost videos from TikTok

According to The Verge, Instagram is making some new changes that focus on the creators of content on the platform – something the social network believes will help them “experience what they deserve”.

Accordingly, users can tag themselves in a new category like “Photographer” or “Rapper” and allow that category to show up each time they are tagged. In addition, Instagram also announced to start advertising more to catch up with the general trend of apps.

“If you create something yourself, you will get more than just sharing from others. We will try and work harder to promote original content rather than reposted content,” shared Instagram head Adam Mosseri.

Of course, emphasizing original content is nothing new, but Mosseri said Instagram will focus more on this issue.

“Please, please. Please stop posting only TikTok clips to Reels. We beg you,” Mr Mosseri said.

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According to The Verge, Meta affirms that Facebook and Instagram are two platforms focused on future creative users, not merely a tool for people to connect with friends. Therefore, through this change, Instagram hopes to be able to attract more TikTok users and direct them to become “Facebook-ers”, “TikTok-ers”.

Reels are the focus of the campaign. According to Mark Zuckerberg, it’s “the fastest growing content format ever” and is available on Facebook and Instagram right now. Unfortunately, almost anyone who uses Reels has commented that it looks like a TikTok clone. This forced the Instagram development team to change.

Instagram claims to clearly identify the original content, but this is not easy at all. The change is too big, especially for accounts that regularly cite meme sources and are often accused of stealing content.

“Identification becomes a big problem if accounts try to get content elsewhere to aggregate into new videos. However, we will still have a way to limit it. Otherwise, this will be bad for creators and Instagram too, in the long run,” Mosseri added.

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TikTok is the most downloaded app in 2021

It is known that Meta’s platforms have a large number of users, but TikTok and a number of other applications are creating trends thanks to viral and funny videos. If Instagram and Facebook want to be such platforms, they will have to find a way to turn the tide.

The sorting algorithm of what billions of users see every day is a pretty serious first move for Meta. Meta also intends to pay more for content creators, but it seems that cutting spending on Reels makes Mark Zuckerberg in no hurry to realize this plan.

Back in February, the short video product Reels was launched to all Facebook users globally as a way for Meta to strengthen its counterattack against TikTok – the most downloaded app in 2021 and surpassing Instagram in terms of sales. popularity among young users.

By: The Verge

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