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Children with runny nose need to do to quickly recover?

The reason why child has a runny nose

Children with a runny nose are often caused by a number of different causes. It is important for parents to identify the exact cause. Here are some causes of runny nose in babies.

– Allergies: Your baby will have a runny nose accompanied by sneezing, itching and red eyes.

Exposure to cold weather: Your baby may have a runny nose due to spicy foods or exposure to cold weather.

Children with runny nose need to do to quickly recover?  - first

Children with a runny nose are very uncomfortable. (Illustration)

Common cold: When your baby has a cold, there will be some symptoms such as low-grade fever, sore throat, watery eyes, cough and sneezing.

Influenza: The flu will also cause a runny nose with some symptoms such as muscle aches, chills, sore throat, loss of appetite, dizziness.

Foreign objects stuck in nose: If your baby’s nose has foreign objects, he or she may also have a runny nose with pain and bleeding.

Stages of runny nose in children

A runny nose in children will often be divided into 3 main stages of change, which will help parents more easily recognize the baby’s condition:

– Early stage of illness: This is the easiest stage of treatment, mothers should take advantage to treat a runny nose for the baby definitively. However, this is the stage that is most often overlooked by parents because the symptoms are still mild such as:

+ Symptoms in the nose: Children have more sneezing phenomenon, begin to feel dry and burning nose.

+ Systemic symptoms: Children feel low fever and often parents do not notice.

– Stage of clear runny nose: At this stage, the baby’s symptoms are more severe, more frequent, and systemic symptoms begin to appear. After the systemic symptoms appear, the child will feel tired, dry lips, poor sleep with high fever, … change from a dry cough to a cough with white sputum.

– The stage of a child with yellow-green runny nose: The nasal discharge will be green or yellow in color, the baby may have incomplete nasal congestion, swelling of the nasal mucosa makes it more difficult for the baby to breathe. With babies, they may be tired, fussy, stop feeding, have a high fever.

Children with runny nose need to do to quickly recover?  - 2

Children with runny nose often go through 3 main stages, parents need to pay attention to observe. (Illustration)

How to handle a child with a runny nose

When a child has a runny nose, the mother can apply some of the following treatment measures, which need to be done regularly so that the baby does not have a runny nose again:

Use physiological saline nasal drops

If the baby’s nasal discharge is still white, the mother should use 0.9% physiological saline, 4-5 times a day, 2-3 drops in each nostril. After about 30 seconds of instillation, let the baby lie on his or her side to let the mucus drain out. If the baby’s nasal discharge is yellow-green, it is better to take the baby to the doctor.

Let your baby drink lots of water

With breastfed children, when the child has a runny nose, the mother should increase breastfeeding. For children over 6 months old, mothers can give them more water to drink, dilute and easily digestible foods, and a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins to increase resistance.

Warm ginger bath for baby

Ginger steam will help loosen the mucus in the nose and make it easier for the baby to blow out or you can easily clear the baby’s nose with a nasal aspirator. After bathing your baby, you can rub a little cajeput oil or eucalyptus oil on the soles of your feet, chest and back to help keep your baby warm.

Put your baby to sleep in an elevated position

By doing this, the baby can reduce the phenomenon of runny nose, stuffy nose while sleeping. In addition, when raising the baby’s head, it also helps prevent mucus from flowing down the throat, causing congestion and making the condition worse.

Use a nasal aspirator

Because the baby has a lot of runny nose and is sticky, the mother should first put 2-3 drops of physiological saline into the child’s nose to loosen the mucus before using the nasal aspirator and remove the mucus in the child’s nose. For older children who know how to blow their nose, have them sit up upright and blow their nose out with a clean towel.

Children with runny nose need to do to quickly recover?  - 4

Mother can drop physiological saline and then suck the nose when the child has a runny nose. (Illustration)

Review of medicine to treat a runny nose for babies

Depending on each different case, there will be different types of runny nose medicine for children, specifically:

– For baby has a runny nosesneezing accompanied by a high fever above 38.5 degrees Celsius: Mothers can use fever-reducing medicines containing paracetamol in combination with continuous wiping.

– For children with allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, purulent rhinitis: Use antibiotics in the antiallergic group including drugs containing microcrystalline, cellulose. However, these drugs are only indicated for children over 6 months of age.

– For children with a lot of runny nose: You can use a spray for children with runny nose. Note, these types are usually indicated for children over 1 year old.

However, when using any medication, mothers need to consult a doctor, should not use it on their own, to avoid side effects.

Note when the child has a runny nose

– Give the child to drink or suckle a lot of milk to help strengthen the resistance.

– Let your baby play or rest in a clean, smoke-free space.

– Do not let children come into contact with dogs and cats.

– Limit the baby’s smell of easily irritating objects such as fresh flowers, perfume.

– Proper hygiene and cleanliness of the body and nasal passages for the baby.

– For infants with runny nose, difficulty breathing, wheezing, mothers should not self-medicate or use drugs, but take the child to the hospital and only use it with the permission of the doctor.

When should a child have a runny nose to take him to the doctor?

In the following cases, you need to take your baby to a doctor quickly:

Baby has a runny nose with high fever for about 2 days.

Your baby has aches and pains all over the body, chills, vomiting, fever and diarrhea.

– I suspect that there is a foreign object stuck in the baby’s nose.

– Your baby has a runny nose caused by allergies.

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