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Cindy Thai Tai: Ha Anh and Xuan Lan, I’m not on anyone’s side

Meeting Cindy Thai Tai behind the scenes of the event, the singer shared with about the relationship between Xuan Lan and Ha Anh.

Tonight (April 22), The Next Gentleman – Mr. Hoan My will officially close with the final held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Before the reality TV show ended, had a short conversation with female singer, model training coach Cindy Thai Tai.

Met Cindy Thai Tai at a recent event, star Transgender share with us your perspective on The Next Gentlemanas well as the relationship of Xuan Lan and Ha Anh – 2 juniors who are very close to her.

Cindy Thai Tai: Ha Anh and Xuan Lan, I'm not on anyone's side-1
Cindy Thai Tai is an audience member of “The Next Gentleman”.

Asked how to feel about The Next Gentlemanthe transgender star thinks that this is a program with a new color, also a rare reality TV show for men in Vietnamese showbiz, the man is “on the throne”.

According to the female singer, honoring men with good qualities is very necessary, when society recently has too many sad stories, such as violent men, men neglecting their families, adulterous man…

“I think this is a program with a good message, for us to review the man’s personality, which is very necessary in today’s society.”, Cindy Thai Tai state thoughts.

Cindy Thai Tai: Ha Anh and Xuan Lan, I'm not on anyone's side-2
Ha Anh and Xuan Lan – 2 coaches of “The Next Gentleman”.

“With the 3 coaches, do you feel they have done their job?”the question we have for the female singer.

Cindy Thai Tai gives an overview: “Each person has a different mindset, each person has a certain level of their own. We can’t compare who is better than anyone, round or not.

What we see is the result of the last semi-final, which I think is very uniform. And if just saying that the mentor’s efforts are not enough, it is also the efforts of the individual candidates.”

Cindy Thai Tai: Ha Anh and Xuan Lan, I'm not on anyone's side-3
Cindy Thai Tai is the one who trains Spring Lanhas been with her for a long time, and is also a close senior of Ha Anh.

When Ha Anh – Xuan Lan had conflicts in the program, Cindy Thai Tai was also called by many people, because it was related to both famous long legs.

“If anyone follows, I will know that I am very close to Ha Anh, since Ha Anh returned to Vietnam. On the other hand, I am Xuan Lan’s teacher. When someone mentions my name, I think that is only natural.

But I thought it was fun, nothing more. This show is a reality TV gameshow. From the very beginning, I declared to just stand outside the boundary line and watch, if any child ‘falls’, he will carry back the ‘bandage’, that’s all.

I don’t take sides with either of them, I’m very fair and believe in my brother and my students, proud of them.”the veteran star shared.

Cindy Thai Tai: Ha Anh and Xuan Lan, I'm not on anyone's side-4

Before the question of Xuan Lan’s relationship – ha Anh difficult to be at the level of a normal colleague after the program, Cindy Thai Tai shared her thoughts in a positive direction.

“I don’t think that will happen. The children are very professional, everyone has a certain position in their profession as well as in society, their IQ and EQ are high.

And if so, that’s normal. As the one in the middle, I don’t think they will ever open their mouth to say who I have to love, who to hate, who can only play with…”.

According to Cindy Thai Tai, Xuan Lan – Ha Anh’s relationship may be normalized in the future. “Because this is a reality show, anyone who steps in will understand that this is a gameshow. Like Huong Giang said in the show ‘Game on, baby’, now I will say ‘Game over, baby'”.

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