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Coach Jeonbuk shows the secret to defeating HAGL

Before the team that is considered the strongest in Group H, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, HAGL had a relatively scientific game right after the opening whistle. They defended actively and quite firmly. But in the final minutes of injury time, Moon Seon-Min made a classy finish, thereby helping the Korean representative win at least 1-0 and continue to lead Group H AFC Champions League 2022 with 7 points. in hand.

Coach Jeonbuk shows the secret to defeating HAGL - Photo 1.

Coach Jeonbuk shared after the victory over HAGL Club (Photo: Le Giang).

Sharing after the match, Jeonbuk’s coach Kim Sang Sik pointed out the secret to defeating HAGL: “Today, Jeonbuk got 3 points and I think the whole team deserves this victory.”

“The players worked hard throughout the game and created many chances, staying focused and staying fit, that’s the key to scoring goals in injury time. This result helps us to calculate easily. the rest of the matches. Thank you to the fans who cheered for us in the past matches.”

When asked how difficult HAGL was, Coach Jeonbuk said: “Our tactics and playstyle depend on each opponent. In this match, we approached the game slowly while needed. play faster we need to adjust a lot of things, try to work towards an effective strategy in the next games HAGL has a strong force, that helps them increase their strength and influence the way we play That’s the crux of the game.”

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