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Coach Park Hang Seo: “I don’t dare promise U23 Vietnam to win the SEA Games”

Coach Park Hang Seo affirmed that U23 Vietnam will try their best to defend the SEA Games gold medal at home.

Video of the second leg match between U23 Vietnam and Korea U20

After the first leg drew 1-1, on the evening of April 22, U23 Vietnam played better and won the Korean U20 with a score of 1-0 in the rematch at Hang Day. Coach Park Hang Seo admitted that his use of 3 players over 23 years old, Hoang Duc, Hung Dung and Tien Linh, made a difference.

Coach Park Hang Seo:

Hung Dung, Tien Linh, Hoang Duc entered the field and made a difference

Speaking after the match, coach Park Hang Seo said: “It is no longer controversial that the Korean U20 coach admits that the players are too old to decide the match. That’s why I called them because they all played well and influenced the game.”

“U23 Vietnam has two goals after two friendly matches against South Korea U20. It is to see if there is a good match between the over-aged players and the U23s, and without the over-aged players, how the U23 team will play. These two friendly matches also let the coaching staff test the ability of each member of the team to play in different positions. If the player can play in many positions, that will be very beneficial,” continued Park.

Regarding the list of Vietnam U23s to attend the 31st SEA Games, Mr. Park said that he will retain some players to continue training to have an alternative plan when necessary.

Coach Park Hang Seo:

Mr. Park did not promise U23 Vietnam to win the 31st SEA Games

“The rule is a list of 20 players in which 18 players, minus 2 goalkeepers, but we always maintain more, there are 6-7 players who are always in a state of training in case someone has Covid. There is a change. I have a choice in my head, but I try to maintain 26-27 players on the list, “said the Korean captain.

Finally, when asked if he is confident to go deep at the 31st SEA Games with this force, Mr. Park said: “Can Vietnam U23 win the championship or not, I don’t know. If I say yes, no. If I can do it, everyone will give me their opinion. I just know that I will try and just do my best.”

Meanwhile, Korea U20 coach Kim Eun Jung said: “Today U23 Vietnam had a better performance, your 3 players on U23 are very special. I am impressed with No. 6 and No. 8 (Hoang Duc and Hung Dung), they controlled the game very well, creating difficulties for us.”

According to Ngoc Lam (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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