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Complete upgrading of Noi Bai runway

HanoiRunway 1B Noi Bai airport will return to normal operation from April 23, after more than a month of closing for construction of some items.

From 7:00 am on April 23, runway 11R/29L (1B) and taxiways S1, S6 and S1A, P4, P7, S6B will be put into synchronous operation. The signal lights and signs on the runways and taxiways were also put into operation.

A representative of the Thang Long Project Management Board said that, over the past month, the construction unit has replaced and integrated the software system to control the beacons and signs for flight operations; construction of wet sanding at both ends of runway 1B. To serve construction, this runway had to be temporarily closed.

“Noi Bai Airport has basically met the conditions to receive all modern aircraft in the world in all weather conditions, limiting airport transfers when the weather is bad,” said a representative of the Project Management Board. Thang Long said.

With the completion of software items to control equipment for beacons and signs, the Noi Bai airport runway repair project has been completely completed, helping the airport to increase its operating capacity; promptly meet the travel needs of passengers during the peak season of April 30 and the summer tourist season.

Two runways at Noi Bai airport have been completely repaired.  Photo: Phan Cong

Two runways at Noi Bai airport have been completely repaired. Image: Phan Cong

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has allowed Noi Bai airport to increase the flight frequency, from April 23 to April 30 exploiting 40 slots (takes off and landing) per hour for daytime and evening time frames; 30 slots per hour at night, instead of 23 slots per hour before.

The item that integrates the new software system to control the equipment of beacons and runway signs 1B is part of the project to repair and upgrade two runways and some taxiways at Noi Bai airport. This project was started in mid-2020 with a total investment of more than 2,000 billion VND, budget capital.

The project is divided into several phases. Phase 1 repair and upgrade runway 1B and corresponding taxiways, put into operation from 9/9/2021. Phase 2 continues to repair runway 1A and the corresponding taxiways put into operation from March 14, 2022. However, the new software control system for flight operations has not been integrated.

During the construction and repair period, Noi Bai airport only operates one runway, thus limiting the frequency of flights.

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