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Customers get a discount of 40 million VND when buying Vinfast Fadil

This is the most attractive incentive policy since the beginning of the year until now. With a preferential rate of 40 million VND with the program “superior interest rate guarantee”, the price of 3 versions Standard, Advanced and Premium is only 342.5 million VND, 373.1 million VND and 409.1 respectively. million dong for customers buying in the form of direct payment. Compared to the listed price, Fadil’s preferential price is currently 82-90 million VND lower.

Moreover, buying a car at this time, customers still enjoy an additional 50% of the registration fee from the Government, corresponding to an additional saving of about 30 million VND in rolling costs.

Celebrating April 30: Customers get a discount of 40 million VND when buying Vinfast Fadil - 1

To celebrate April 30, Vinfast Fadil is offered a discount of VND 40 million.

Not only has a reasonable price, Fadil also owns many outstanding features and equipment, such as the most powerful 1.4L engine in the segment, with a capacity of 98 horsepower, maximum torque of 128 Nm; automatic transmission CVT smooth operation and fuel economy; Solid chassis and suspension…

Fadil’s Premium version is most fully equipped, with a 7-inch touch screen, reverse sensor, electronic balance and 6-airbag system. Vehicles are rated by ASEAN NCAP safety at 4 stars – the highest level for small cars.

The above advantages help VinFast Fadil become a model car best seller in Vietnam market in 2021, with a total of 24,128 cars handed over to customers.

In March 2022, Fadil continued to lead the market with sales of 2,567 vehicles. This model has also received the title of “Most Favorite Class A Car” for two consecutive years in the framework of the Voting Car of the Year co-organized by the Otofun and Otosaigon communities, and the title of “Car of the year segment” small cars of size A” in the Car Awards 2021 program organized by VnExpress online newspaper.

Celebrating April 30: Customers get a discount of 40 million VND when buying Vinfast Fadil - 2

Car price list Vinfast applies from April 20 to April 30.

Recently, the Government’s policy of supporting 50% of registration fees for domestically manufactured and assembled cars has brought a new breath of life to the Vietnamese auto market. From December 2021 to the end of March 2022, a total of 137,265 vehicles were sold, a growth of 51% compared to the previous 4 months.

Experts predict that the car buying power of Vietnamese will continue to grow hot in April and May, before the registration fee incentive policy expires on May 31, 2022.

However, the skyrocketing demand for cars combined with the difficulty in the supply of components has made many locally assembled car models in short supply. Some dealers find ways to maximize profits by cutting promotions, even increasing prices or selling “beer with peanuts”. In that context, VinFast is one of the rare firms that chooses to do the opposite when announcing this special preferential policy.

In addition to attractive incentives and flexible payment policies, VinFast still maintains many privileged policies for customers such as free parking every 6 hours at Vincom and Vinhomes nationwide, “Exchange old for new” gifts. cash of 10 million dong and especially the longest 10-year warranty in the Vietnamese auto market.

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