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Death sentence for the man who killed the girl, robbed the SH car at noon in Ho Chi Minh City

On April 22, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened a first-instance trial against defendant Nguyen Thanh Tung (40 years old, from Soc Trang) for the crimes of “Murder” and “Robbery”; Defendant Dinh Van Vu Ka (34 years old, living in District 7, TP.HECM) for the crime of “Concealing crimes”.

Previously, in November 2021, after opening the first-instance trial and ending the interrogation, because there were many issues to be clarified, the jury decided to return the case file and request additional investigation.

According to the prosecution, at about 12 o’clock on December 15, 2019, Tung was driving a motorbike in Tan Thuan export processing zone (Tan Thuan Dong ward, district 7) when he saw Ms. Le Thi Biet stopping at the roadside. At this time, Tung came up with the idea of ​​stealing her SH-mode car, so he approached to start a conversation.

Seeing that, Ms. Knows drove the car and left. Tung immediately rushed to use his hand to clamp her neck and control her. During the struggle, Ms. Know bit on Tung’s hand, causing both of them to fall into the sewer. When she fell, she was face down in the water. Tung immediately sat on top of his sister, holding his hand tightly, not allowing him to resist until the victim was motionless before letting go.

When he saw that the victim was dead, Tung took the SH mode car and fled the scene and called his cousin Dinh Van Vu Ka. Tung said he had just stolen the car and asked Ka to help take the car away. Ka agrees to go to Tung’s location.

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Defendant Nguyen Thanh Tung. Photo: Thanh Phuong

After sending Ms. Know’s car at a shooting game shop, the two returned to the crime scene to retrieve Tung’s car.

As for the victim Le Thi Biet, until December 18, 2019, when Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai (security guard of Matai Company) went on patrol, smelled the stench, ran to the sewer to check. discovered the body of a woman in the process of decomposition. Immediately after, Mr. Hai went to report to the police.

On December 22, 2019, Tung took the victim’s car as a pledge to get 25 million VND to pay the debt and spend it all.
Through tracing and extracting images via security cameras around the crime scene, the police identified Tung as the culprit. On December 30, 2019, Tung was urgently arrested.

During the investigation and at the trial, defendant Tung admitted to committing the offence.

Defendant Ka could not keep his composure while crying while confessing, that the defendant himself did not know that Tung had killed someone, the defendant thought that Tung had stolen a car. When Tung called to bring the car back, Ka scolded Tung.

“If I knew that Tung had killed someone or robbed a car, the defendant would not have helped, the defendant would have reported it to the police,” Ka confided.

Considering that defendant’s behavior is particularly dangerous for society, it has directly infringed on the lives and properties of others, adversely affecting social order. As for the defendant Ka, the defendant’s act of assistance has hindered the investigation and discovery of the crime. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly handle the accused to be able to deter and prevent general.

After considering, the trial panel sentenced defendant Tung to 6 years in prison for the crime of “robbing property”, and the death penalty for the crime of “murder”. The common combination for both crimes is the death penalty; Defendant Ka 1 year and 6 months in prison for the crime of “Concealing a crime”.

Thanh Phuong

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