Discovering the search history, the husband was shocked when he looked at his wife in the kitchen

Sooner or later the day will come to overflowing, so that the marriage will encounter many conflicts and obstacles.

Love and marriage there are a lot of different things. If when we were still passionately in love, we easily expressed our desires and thoughts, then when we were in the same house, talking was no longer a simple matter.

The couple was caught up in the vortex of rice and money, there was so much pressure on their shoulders, so even if they wanted something, they had to keep it in their hearts. When having children, a woman will have to work even harder.

At such a difficult time, as long as her husband always understands and listens carefully, both parties will surely be extremely happy. The story of T. below is such an example.

Discovering the search history, the husband was shocked when he looked at his wife in the kitchen-1

Detecting the search history in the family computer, the husband froze

When she first got married, T. couldn’t stay close to her husband because he had to go on business trips away from home, sometimes lasting a whole month. A woman alone in an empty house, she was very sad, but did not dare to speak out for fear that the other party would be discouraged, tired, unable to concentrate on work.

Later, when T. had a child, she faced many worries, because she had to take care of her own health but still had to take care of the domestic chores. T.’s husband is the oldest child, he lives far away, there are things women have to take care of.

Thanks to the help of her maternal side, supporting in some aspects, T. spent 9 months and 10 days with a peaceful birth, mother round and square child. At the same time T. gave birth to a child, her husband no longer had to work away from home much, but spent more time with his family.

However, his work is still quite busy, and the man has not really listened to what his wife needs. In contrast, T. could only endure, sometimes under too much pressure, she cried on the balcony when her husband and children were asleep.

Looking in the mirror, T. no longer recognized himself. She was only 28 years old, yet she was as old as a woman in her 30s. Gradually, fatigue gnawed at T., making her weak and lifeless.

The turning point occurred when T.’s husband used his home computer to work. Normally this machine is for T. to read newspapers or watch movies. Curious, he checked the search history.

Suddenly, the man saw a series of keywords: “Concealer clothing”, “Cheap makeup”, “how to hunt for sale…”. At this time, he also looked at the kitchen, T. was working hard to make food for his children.

Suddenly T.’s husband found it strange, although his wife searched for many things related to cosmetics and fashion, she rarely bought new things, still wearing the same old clothes since the two got married.

Even the clothes that T. is wearing are dull and worn. The husband was quiet, then he immediately hugged his wife tightly. It was also the first time he helped her cook in the house since the two got married.

It turned out that there was a lot of hardship and austerity that T. endured without her husband knowing.

Discovering the search history, the husband was shocked when he looked at his wife in the kitchen-2

If possible, think more about the other person in the marriage

Not everyone will say all the problems they are facing in life. Even many women choose to sacrifice, compress everything inside so that their husbands do not have to worry.

For husbands who lack subtlety, they will ignore small signs, even taking the wife’s efforts for granted. In fact, everyone’s endurance has a limit. Sooner or later, the day will come to overflowing, and then the marriage will encounter many conflicts and obstacles.

So it’s important to people man, and also women, is to take time to think more in marriage. You simply observe what the other person is trying to do for us.

Along with that is understanding deeply what they want, and whether we can do anything to help them be happier and happier. A marriage that has understanding and empathy for each other will be extremely strong and attached.

Women should not suffer too much repression, if possible, open your heart and share so that the other side can understand your feelings better.

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