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Do not fly kites, sky lights and flying equipment at power stations serving the 31st SEA Games

Electricity and traffic are particularly important ‘items’ in the organization sea ​​Games 31 in Hanoi.

Regarding the issue of ensuring light sources for events at SEA Games 31 In Hanoi, Hanoi Electricity has just announced that it will stop renovating and upgrading the entire power grid at the points where it takes place. opening ceremonyclosing and competition of SEA Games 31. The special important places are powered by 2 sources of electricity, grid power and backup generator.

Hanoi Electricity will organize 24 hour duty and troubleshooting, electricity repair during the 31st SEA Games. Comprehensive inspection of 110kV stations and lines; arrange the force to check the corridor safety of high-voltage grids and underground cables supplying power to key points; coordinate with relevant units at key points to ensure power supply; accident prevention. Hanoi Electricity Corporation cooperates with the Management Board of the Complex sport My Dinh National Park, National Convention Center, and gymnasiums in 13 districts to check operation, load test generators and electrical systems.

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The power source will have to be ensured for the events at the 31st SEA Games, including the opening ceremony at My Dinh yard, to be successful.


Electric companies actively worked with local authorities and agencies to update information about training and competition venues, venues serving related activities. SEA Games 31places to eat and stay for international delegations…

To support electricity security for the 31st SEA Games, Hanoi Electric Power also recommended the people of the capital not to fire paper cannons with metal coatings near power lines, electrical equipment and power stations; do not release sky lanterns, kites or flying equipment in areas with electricity grids and power stations; Do not abuse electricity poles, power stations as shops and other forms business other to avoid danger if something goes wrong.

Regarding the organization of the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Hanoi Department of Transport and Communications has just proposed to arrange and supplement 57 temporary parking spots at the roads, the currently unused vacant land around the competition area, including the positions that have been granted temporary parking permits, the positions located in the stadium to serve the 31st SEA Games.

17 parking spots are arranged at My Dinh National Sports Complex, including: parking lot My Dinh 1, parking lot My Dinh 2, Le Duc Tho 2; Nguyen Hoang, Tran Van Lai (2 points), Le Duc Tho (2 points), Chau Van Liem, Me Tri – Dong Me, Nguyen Van Giap, Nguyen Co Thach, Tran Huu Duc, Do Dinh Thien, Ham Nghi, Vu Quynh, Hoang Trong Mau.

With locations at other gymnasiums, districts, and other districts, 40 parking spots are arranged in the arenas of the gymnasiums and adjacent streets. The Hanoi Department of Transport and Communications requires the car parking units to review and complete the parking plan and conditions… to serve the activities of the city. SEA Games 31 (no charge for babysitting service).

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