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Former female airport staff tricked into running, many people fell into traps

Despite not being able to, Hang still promised to run a job at Da Nang airport to appropriate the victim’s money.

On April 19, the police of Hoa Vang district (Da Nang) prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused, and executed the arrest warrant for Pham Thi My Hang (28 years old, residing in Hoa Phong commune) to investigate her behavior. “fraudulent appropriation of assets”.

According to the initial investigation, at the end of 2020, Mr. TMT (resident in Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district) asked Hang to let him work at Da Nang airport.

At this time, even though she had quit her job at the airport and could not apply for a job, Hang still “exploded” with acquaintances and would apply for Mr. T. to work in a security position at the airport with the money “run” poke” is 330 million VND.

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The police read the arrest warrant for Hang

On March 31 and April 3, 2021, Hang received from Mr. T. a total of 110 million dong, a job application and a commitment within 3 months that a decision will be made for Mr. T to attend a security training course. are not.

After that, Hang informed Mr. T., if you give enough 330 million, you don’t need to go to professional school but go to work.

Eager to go to work, he transferred enough money to Hang but waited forever to see no one calling to work. Suspected of being scammed, Mr. T. made a report to Hoa Vang District Police.

In addition, Hang also tricked PVB in Hoa Khanh Bac ward (Lien Chieu) with nearly 80 million VND to run a job for him to work as a freighter at the airport ground department.

Fraud Mr. NA (living in Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district) 100 million VND, promised to apply for the screening department at the airport but did not do it.

Hoa Vang district police are expanding the investigation of the case.

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