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Google ends support for call recording apps

Google will officially kill third-party call recording applications on its app store from May 11, when policy The new Play Store takes effect.

According to PhoneArena, currently on the Google Play Store there are many applications that support call recording, allowing them to be easily downloaded and installed. Even so, the new policy of Play Store on May 11, will no longer allow apps on the Google Play Store to use the Accessibility Service to record phone calls.

The last door to putting the call recording app on the Google Play Store is locked?

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Google said in its announcement that the “Accessibility API was not designed and cannot be required for remote call recording”.

For years now, due to a nightmare of privacy and litigation, Google has been trying to put an end to these call recording apps by blocking the usual channels and APIs on which they work. This led the developers of these apps to start looking for ways to circumvent the restriction, with the last resort being through the call recording feature from Android’s Accessibility Service. Therefore, the new step of Google will oppose this action.

It’s also important to note Google’s change will only affect third-party call recording apps uploaded to Google Play. If the user’s phone already has call recording built into the dialer, they can still use it.

Chances are that Google will soon start removing apps that don’t comply with its new Accessibility Service policies from the Play Store. However, the app developers are unknown call recording whether to search and discover other loopholes to “dodge”.

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