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Google Messages has an error that drains Samsung phone battery

Reports say that Samsung smartphones have been draining their battery quickly because of a bug in the Google Messages app.

Samsung gave Google Messages as messaging app default for its flagship phones in the US. While in other markets, the device still uses its own Message application.

However, many users who use Google Messages on their phones report a bug in the app that is draining their phone’s battery by leaving the camera on all the time.

According to Sammobile, many users wrote on Reddit about a bug in the Google Messages app that kept the camera open in the background. This causes the device to overheat and also shortens the life of the battery. The bug is related to an in-app feature that allows users to easily take a photo and attach it to a message.

A recent update to the app introduced a bug that caused the camera app to sometimes run even when Google Messages was in the background, resulting in the device overheating and rapidly draining the battery.

The way to temporarily fix the error is to stop allowing the Google Messages app to use the camera

Screen capture

Google has not yet confirmed this bug. However, there is a solution to prevent the Google Messages application from causing battery drain and overheating by denying permission to use the camera on the device. telephone. This can be done through the App Info menu in Settings.

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