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GTA Vietnam and the leading solution to reinforce the foundation of works in landslide areas

“Many large and small projects in Vietnam over the years have been seriously affected by the problem of landslides due to the lack of effective design and construction solutions. The damage here is not only in terms of property but also lives,” Dr. Le Thiet Trung – Director of GTA Vietnam said when referring to the foundation structure of the northern provinces of our country.

Bringing the world’s most advanced technology solutions to Vietnam

In 2014, Dr. Le Thiet Trung, together with a group of leading engineers in geotechnical engineering, created the Geotechnical Technology Application and Transfer Joint Stock Company (GTA Vietnam).

Having spent a lot of time studying in the French Republic, Mr. Trung and his associates have many conditions to access scientific and technical advances, advanced technological solutions in the world in reinforcing foundations and slopes. .

With the motto that science must be associated with practice, GTA Vietnam has put advanced technology solutions in the world to be applied in practice in Vietnam in order to improve the quality of works, shorten the construction schedule, and reduce the cost of construction. construction costs, and at the same time friendly to the environment.

The leading technologies that GTA Vietnam focuses on investing in and applying include ground nail technology, ground anchoring, reinforced retaining walls and a variety of other related solutions.

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GTA Vietnam staff, experts and partners at the construction site

Quality products

After nearly a decade of establishment and development, GTA Vietnam always challenges itself with works of high difficulty and requires the application of many new techniques. Large corporations and enterprises have put their full faith in the company’s personnel and the most modern construction solutions.

One of the outstanding works to mention is the use of anti-slip earth anchors on Hoang Dieu road located in the center of Sa Pa tourist town, Lao Cai province. Located at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, due to the impact of floods and rains, in 2018 the above route suffered a serious landslide, affecting the lives of residents in the vicinity and the general landscape of the tourist area. Within 6 months (November 2018 – May 2019), the company’s personnel helped stabilize the road roof, prevent slipping and ensure the beauty of the project.

hinh anh thi cong du an duong hoang dieu b47802727be049bab1dff00cf6a13552
Construction image of Hoang Dieu street project

Creatively combining solutions in the same project to achieve maximum efficiency is also one of the strengths of GTA Vietnam’s staff.

In 2020, the company was entrusted by the investor to handle the embankment and reinforcement of the taluy roof in zone B of the project to adjust the technical infrastructure system in Cai Dam new urban area, Bai Chay, Quang Ninh.

Dr. Pham Viet Anh, a geotechnical expert in the ground mechanics department of the University of Civil Engineering, assessed: “This is a difficult project to handle, the slope of the slope surface after embankment construction is about 83 degrees, the degree of elevation is about 83 degrees. The slope height varies from 22 to 28mm, especially the length of the reinforcement is approximately 400m long, the total treatment area is up to 6,000m2. GTA Vietnam has researched and advised investors to handle by combining solutions of earth nailing, ground anchoring and surface spraying. This can be considered an “unprecedented” construction option in Vietnam and has been very successful.

du an tai khu do thi cai dam quang ninh dea36c5bb0f54fe088bccf58643bcb60
Project in Cai Dam urban area, Quang Ninh

With confidence in the capacity of the consulting and construction staff, GTA Vietnam continues to conquer difficult work items in many places, such as overcoming landslides at the yard of Cua Ong temple (Cam Pha district, Quang province). Ninh), repairing and anti-slipping of foundation columns VT195 of 500kV Son La-Lai Chau transmission line, constructing embankments of 6 new construction projects of Chua Dam, Bac Ninh…

Up to now, the works consulted and constructed by the Company are still evaluated as stable and solid as an affirmation of the quality of the GTA Vietnam brand.

mot so du an gta vietnam da thuc hien 413ebcb08b7a4db8a1fc4aeb6145839e
Some projects GTA Vietnam has done

Multidisciplinary in geotechnical technology

Not only implementing geotechnical solutions, GTA Vietnam also participates in many other related activities such as: design – solution consulting; assess the cause of the problem and advise solutions; soft ground treatment design; provide geotechnical materials and invest in laboratories.

In particular, in the field of design – solution consulting, in addition to standard solutions, GTA Vietnam uses modern design methods with the support of computers such as Plaxis, Geo5 software… Besides, Thereby, the finite element and discrete element methods are also effectively applied.

Combined with experts with in-depth knowledge in the field of geotechnical engineering, GTA Vietnam is capable of providing appraisal services, assessing the cause of construction failure due to geotechnical problems, and offer the most effective treatment plan for customers.

Putting prestige – quality on the top to “steadily succeed”, GTA’s staff of 5 doctors and many highly specialized engineers are creative day and night, striving to bring solutions to the local field. engineering for user satisfaction.

The representative of GTA Vietnam shared: “GTA has and will spread social values ​​​​for civil works, bringing peace of mind to people on the roads where the company has contributed wisdom, effort and enthusiasm.

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