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HAGL football live 0-1 Jeonbuk: Last minute conceded


    HAGL football live 0-1 Jeonbuk: Last minute conceded - 1

    HAGL lost unfortunately.


    Moon Seon Min, a former Incheon player, had a class when he finished with one touch and sent the ball straight into the top corner of the goal, not giving goalkeeper Tuan Linh a chance to save.


    Iljutcenko’s dangerous header sends the ball wide. Jeonbuk is piling up in the last minutes in search of victory.


    Cong Phuong broke the offside trap to receive Xuan Truong’s pass to make a header near the wall. The ball narrowly missed the post.

  • Yellow card for Iljutcenko after a foul on Cong Phuong.


    Cong Phuong’s left foot effort did not defeat goalkeeper Jeonbuk. HAGL is still playing tit-for-tat with the opponent.


    Ryu Jae Moon smartly moved down the left edge of the penalty area to catch his teammates’ poke. Jeonbuk’s striker pushed the ball to eliminate defender HAGL and then finished, but goalkeeper Tuan Linh chose the right position to save.


    Another chance of HAGL passed in regret. Cong Phuong, Van Toan and Tuan Anh in turn all had space but hesitated to finish. The ball was then crossed by Brandao, but defender Jeonbuk cleared it. Van Thanh hit the second line and sent the ball wide of the post.


    Hong Duy’s shot hit defender Jeonbuk and went wide of the goal.

    HAGL is playing more confidently in the second half.


    Brandao had an impromptu action when he finished with his left foot at a distance of 25m in front of Jeonbuk goal. The ball misses the goal.


    Kim Bo Kyung received the ball in an empty position. Jeonbuk’s striker pushed the ball to the left foot and then finished dangerously, sending the ball narrowly past the post.

  • HAGL makes a substitution. Minh Vuong entered the field to replace Baiano.


    Once again, goalkeeper Tuan Linh made a brilliant save to keep a clean sheet for HAGL. Jeonbuk is increasing the pressure at the beginning of the second half.



    HAGL football live 0-1 Jeonbuk: Last minute conceded - 2

    Jeonbuk (blue shirt) has not been able to penetrate the HAGL net.

  • Yellow card for Park Jin Seob after a foul to prevent HAGL player’s attack.


    Van Toan, Cong Phuong and Brandao just had a dangerous combination. Van Toan passed to Brandao in an empty position on the right, but the Brazilian striker’s horizontal stretch could not pass the hands of goalkeeper Jeonbuk.

  • The two teams are still creating a tug-of-war. HAGL’s defense under the command of goalkeeper Tuan Linh is playing focused, not making any mistakes.


    Striker Iljutcenko had a smart leg lift for Barrow to escape into the void, but goalkeeper Tuan Linh bravely stepped out to narrow the opponent’s shot angle, saving HAGL a conspicuous goal.

  • HAGL is still trying to defend against the pressure of Jeonbuk. Kiatisak’s team just let the opponent create a dangerous ball from the beginning of the game.

    The score is still 0-0.

  • Jeonbuk makes a substitution. Iljutcenko was brought on to replace the injured Song Min Kyu.


    Hong Duy suddenly penetrated the middle, received the ball and fired a long shot. The ball went wide of Jeonbuk’s goal post.


    Tuan Anh lost the ball dangerously before the round of 16m50. Jeonbuk organized a lightning attack, but Kim Jin Kyu’s shot failed to beat goalkeeper Tuan Linh.

    HAGL football live 0-1 Jeonbuk: Last minute conceded - 3

    Kim Jin Kyu (right) could not take advantage of Tuan Anh’s loss of the ball to score.

  • Baiano dribbled past defender Jeonbuk, but the Brazilian striker’s back pass was caught by the opponent.

    HAGL is attacking mainly based on long balls for foreign players on both sides.

  • Jeonbuk is creating an overwhelming attack, but has not found the opportunity to approach goalkeeper Tuan Linh’s goal.


  • Live football HAGL vs Jeonbuk from 6pm

    Starting lineups of the two teams

    HAGL football live 0-1 Jeonbuk: Last minute conceded - 4

    Share before the game

    Coach Kiatisak Senamuang (HAGL): “The desire of the German election is to want the players to play abroad to raise the level of Vietnamese football. But in order to introduce players to scouts, the players must play the AFC Champions League, then there will be can promote its name to Asia.

    Last year, Van Toan and many HAGL players wanted to play the AFC Champions League, so far the dream has come true. Through this award, we will try our best to serve the audience. If they catch the eye of the scouts, that’s fine. I hope the experts understand more about HAGL players. Before, no one knew who HAGL was, but now they do.

    We will compete against Jeonbuk. It was a tough match because Jeobuk is the strongest team in Group H. When we played against the top teams in the K-League, we were very excited. The coaching staff has prepared the necessary things for the player to perform to the best of his ability.

    In a difficult group like this, the top Asian clubs are equally talented, the difference is not much. Of course, Jeonbuk is extremely strong. We will play with a spirit of learning, having prepared well for the players to be confident and perform at their best for tomorrow’s match.”

    HAGL football live 0-1 Jeonbuk: Last minute conceded - 5

    Coach Kiatisak.

    Kim Sang Sik (Jeonbuk): “The Vietnamese and Korean players are both very good. I pay special attention to HAGL’s No. 9 (Van Toan) and No. 10 (Cong Phuong). They have shown physical and technical progress. Vietnam team with many players HAGL has played well in many tournaments, this is your advantage.

    HAGL also plays very confidently, so this is something we must pay attention to in tomorrow night’s match,” coach Kim Sang Sik assessed HAGL’s strength.

    However, the strategist of the most traditional Korean football team is also confident in his ability. “After the match against Yokohama, we have the advantage of being at the top of the group and want to maintain this lead. The match against HAGL is very important, we will play proactively to get the results we want.

    The players who are negative for COVID-19 have arrived in Vietnam. Jeonbuk will show his true strength. The players have adapted and are in good shape. The players will work hard to achieve what they want.”

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