“HAGL is no different from a miniature national team, not afraid of any opponent in the AFC Champions League”

After 2 matches in the AFC Champions League 2022, HAGL won 1 point and ranked at the bottom of Group H. This is not too impressive in terms of scores, but in terms of performance, Pho Nui team is still making the audience happy. fake satisfaction.

With Bau Duc, he shared with the newspaper Laws of Ho Chi Minh City About my advice to coach Kiatisuk’s teachers and students: “I told Zico Thai and the players that the most important thing is to play football comfortably, to play at will, not to be afraid of any opponent. I cited the national team in the old days to lose to the student team. Korea, Japan.

But later, the Vietnamese team under Coach Park Hang-seo played well against big opponents, the last few matches played against Japan, Australia lost less, and even scored in the net. Moreover, the current HAGL is no different from a miniature national team, what are you afraid of?

I told Kiatisuk now not to let the opponent see me as a cute pavilion anymore. I kick so well, to be beautiful, dare to push people to the stone, no need to limit the goal. Because if there is a loss of 1 left, 3 points, but 10 left also 3 points. The main thing is my way of playing makes a good impression on the audience, kicking the fans happy.”

Bau Duc:

HAGL plays confidently against much higher rated opponents in the AFC Champions League.

HAGL is of course undervalued compared to the big guys in the same table. But from the beginning of the tournament to the present, the Pho Nui team still shows confidence and is not afraid of any opponent. Although we know that HAGL still needs to improve many things, mentally, coach Kiatisuk’s teachers and students are doing well.

After 2 matches in the AFC Champions League, there has not been a match that HAGL has faced a big defeat. Bau Duc is very satisfied with what Pho Nui team showed. Even the boss of HAGL compared the current home team with the past:

“The biggest difference of HAGL players compared to 17 years ago is their bravery and confident way of playing the ball. We play against opponents from Japan, if we lose, we lose, not players, we still hold the ball. well deployed, I can clearly see that the player’s mentality is strong, and determines the beautiful attacking kick, learning from the loss itself, then football is fun.

Meeting all the Asian boss clubs, we know our level. I don’t have any clubs in my football village that play with strong Asian teams that dare to eat tit-for-tat, every time I meet “co-go” immediately.

Even HAGL 17 years ago, I frankly said the level was still low compared to Korean and Japanese football. Now that gap is gradually narrowing, especially the current class of players who are educated and soon collide a lot. They believe in their abilities.”

Bau Duc:

Will HAGL continue to maintain its excitement?

What HAGL shows in this year’s AFC Champions League is different from Viettel. Last year, Viettel entered the group that was somewhat easier to breathe than the current HAGL, but they could only show their strength when facing an underrated opponent. When facing a superior team, Viettel faced many difficulties and often fell into battle.

Because of HAGL’s charming performance, the audience flocked to Thong Nhat Stadium in large numbers to watch Coach Kiatisuk’s players compete. This is a good thing for HAGL in particular and for Vietnamese football in general.

At 18:00 today (April 22), HAGL will enter the confrontation with Jeonbuk Motors. Let’s wait for the Kiatisuk army to continue to create earthquakes in the AFC Champions League playground!

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