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Handling violations is necessary to protect genuine investors

On the afternoon of April 22, speaking at the Conference to develop a safe, transparent, efficient and sustainable capital market in order to stabilize the capital market. economy In addition to the positive results achieved, it is also necessary to frankly acknowledge the limitations and inadequacies of the capital market. market structure, infrastructure, technology, human resources, market information system… In particular, some organizations and individuals violate the law when participating in the market.

“The violations are only a minority. The handling is necessary, contributing to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the vast majority of investors, genuine businesses, operating in a healthy manner and complying with the law. This is also a necessary step to clean up the market, so that the market is better, healthier, safer and more sustainable. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed.

Over the past time, Government leaders have given many close and timely instructions for the capital market to operate safely, transparently and effectively.

Recently, the Prime Minister has directed relevant ministries, branches and agencies according to their assigned functions and tasks to proactively take immediate measures to ensure security and safety of financial and monetary market operations. .

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Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. (Photo: Chinhphu.vn).

Specifically, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Finance, State bank Vietnam, according to its assigned functions and tasks, proactively immediately implements measures to stabilize the financial, monetary and securities markets.

The Prime Minister also said that over the past time, Vietnam’s capital market has developed rapidly in both width and depth. The scale, product and liquidity increased rapidly, contributing to mobilizing financial resources that are very important for the economy, supporting and supplementing the traditional capital supply channel, which is bank credit.

The capital market has been formed and fully operated with components including: Stock market, bond market, derivative securities market.

The average growth scale is 28.5%/year in the period 2016-2021, reaching 134.5% GDP in 2021, 3.5 times higher than 2015. The daily transaction value increased sharply, on average from the beginning of the year to now reached 30.8 trillion dong, up 15.9% over the same period in 2021. The number of newly opened securities accounts was 3 years ahead of the set target.“, the Prime Minister cited.

At the conference, the message given by the Government and the Prime Minister was: Clean up and healthy the market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the investor and business community, and put the market into the fund. rapid, effective and sustainable development.

Capital market, Vietnam stock market there are solid foundation factors from the potential, prospects of the economy and the dynamism and efficiency of the production and business sector and with the help of international friends. With those conditions, we can rise to become one of the successful emerging markets of the region and the world.“, emphasized the Prime Minister.

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