Hanoi closes the deadline to handle slow-implementation projects

City Council. Hanoi has just issued a resolution on measures to speed up investment, focusing on handling off-budget projects that use slow land in the city. Hanoi.

Specifically, according to this resolution, the City People’s Council requests the City People’s Committee to continue effectively implementing the contents of tasks and solutions stated in the Resolution, the following recommendations for supervision and re-supervision of the People’s Council. City to focus on handling and completely solving the status of slow-moving and slow-deploying projects in the city.

On the basis of strengthening discipline in investment management and land use management, the Resolution of the Hanoi City People’s Council emphasized that the City People’s Committee should “clearly assign people, clear tasks, clear responsibilities, clear clues to solve problems.” , clear procedures in supervision, inspection, inspection and handling”.

The City Council requested to focus on removing difficulties and obstacles for qualified investment projects, promoting capable and experienced investors, and concentrating resources for project implementation. accelerate the investment progress, soon put the project into operation and use the land effectively.

Resolutely handle the backlog of projects that are slow to implement investment, slow to put land into use; In case of intentional inertia or continued violations, the projects shall be resolutely withdrawn according to the provisions of law.

The City Council believes that it is necessary to continue to urge and supervise investment and ask the investor to accelerate the progress, commit to an early deadline to put the project into use according to the schedule and provisions of the law for projects. has completed site clearance, is under construction, or has partially built but is currently stopped.

In case there are signs of law violation, the Resolution of the City Council requires inspection, inspection and handling of each project in accordance with the law; resolutely handle strictly according to the law on investment, the law on land and other relevant laws in case of inactivity or continued violations.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the urging and enforcement of tax debt in accordance with regulations, strengthen the inter-sectoral inspection to check and urge each project investor, remove obstacles and difficulties in the process of implementing the obligations. financial services; Review projects that owe long-term financial obligations, projects that owe large amounts of financial obligations, which have been delayed.

The City Council also said that it is necessary to review, inspect and strictly handle each project in accordance with the law on planning and construction for projects that are built against the planning, wrong construction permits, without a construction permit (for works requiring a construction permit), violate the construction order.

The resolution notes not to adjust the planning at the request of the investor without studying, reviewing and reporting on the conformity of the general planning and zoning planning; failing to consider proposals for project adjustment, participating in auctions or bidding to execute other investment projects, for investors who violate the provisions of the law on investment, planning, land, tax, construction without remedying the violations, not complying with the handling measures of the competent authorities.

The City People’s Council requests to organize inspection and inspection, to clarify objective and subjective causes, and to take strict handling measures according to its competence and according to the provisions of law for projects with violations of the law. other land laws such as misuse of land; lease or lend land; slow completion of land procedures; transferring or contributing capital with land use rights in contravention of regulations, illegally mobilizing capital.

People’s Committees of districts, towns need to perform the function of state management of land in their localities, regularly inspect, urge and supervise the management and use of land, planning, investment, construction build…

Supervising the investor in project implementation, making inspection and examination conclusions and directing after inspection and examination; supervise the handling of violations against investors by competent authorities to promptly detect and strictly handle violations…

The City People’s Committee is assigned to develop a plan to implement the Resolution, ensuring that in the second quarter of 2022, the focus is on completing the post-inspection of inspection and examination conclusions to classify and propose handling according to groups of violating projects. ; strive for the end of the fourth quarter of 2022 to complete the handling of inactive projects and continue to violate.

Linh Phong

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