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Hanoi Procuracy University does not recruit men under 1.6 m

According to the 2022 prequalification standards of the Hanoi University of Procuracy, male candidates must be 1.6 tall, weigh 50 kg or more; female not less than 1.55 m and 45 kg.

At the end of April, the University of Procuracy announced the 2022 enrollment project. In addition to the criteria of height and weight, the condition for candidates to pass the health pre-qualification is no physical disability, no lisp, said installed, no chronic disease, chronic.

In addition, the candidate must be no more than 25 years old, have a clear political history; parents, siblings or spouses have never violated the criminal law to the extent of being sentenced, except for traffic violations. These requirements are applied to candidates registered for Law major, majoring in Procuracy.

The enrollment target of Hanoi University of Procuracy in 2022 is 410, of which 350 are for Law majors, specialized in Procuracy; The rest are for Commercial Law majors. This is also a newly opened industry this year.

Candidates taking the high school graduation exam in 2021. Photo: Quynh Tran

Candidates taking the high school graduation exam in 2021. Photo: Quynh Tran

The school’s five enrollment methods are applied to each major. For the Procuracy major, the school enrolls students by methods, including academic records (both specialized and non-specialized schools); Admission test combines transcripts and English certificates (minimum IELTS 7.0 or equivalent); use the results of the high school graduation exam 2022.

Candidates for admission to the Procuracy major must achieve good academic performance and good conduct in five terms (except for the second semester of grade 12) when using methods related to academic records, the remaining methods can achieve good grades.

The Commercial Law major only uses the three-year high school transcript review method. The necessary condition is that the candidate achieves at least a good grade in terms of conduct and academic ability in the five terms of high school.

The entrance exam score for the high school graduation exam is 17 (total score of three subjects in combination, excluding priority points), two points higher than last year.

The application period is expected to be from April 25 to May 22 (applicable to pre-qualification) and from June 1 to June 30 (for admission).

Benchmark 2021 of Hanoi Procuracy University is divided by region, combination and group of candidates. Female candidates in the North, the C00 combination exam must achieve 29.25 points to be admitted. Meanwhile, the benchmark score for male candidates in the South, the lowest A01 exam (Math, Physics, English) was only 20.1.

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