Haunting photos of the deformed and distorted bodies of famous athletes

Guo Ping is a Chinese female athlete known for her “terrible” achievements, owning more than 16 gold medals in many different competitions. However, after retiring, her life began to “downhill” because of the injuries of 10 years of continuous operation and competition.

More importantly, devoted to the Chinese track and field team like that, she did not receive the salary as agreed. In 2006, she and another female athlete were forced to go to court to prove right. When she showed her deformed foot at the trial, many tearfully followed her. Currently, Guo Ping has completely retired and is supported by the Chinese Association of Athletics and Athletics.

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As a swimming legend of American sports, Michael Phelps went through 5 Olympics, owns 28 gold medals. In 2006, he announced his retirement. However, it can be seen that what the “former fisherman” born in 1985 trades in is that the body suffers from many differences. His lower body is quite short, his arm span is up to 2.01m long while his height is up to 1.93m.

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American rugby player Torry Holt has put his crooked hand on social media many times. Because of often holding the position to catch the ball during practice, his finger bones were deformed.

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Or like the German cyclist Robert Forstermann with his big, billowing thighs. Often having to use his legs to practice, his thighs are abnormally deformed, making many fans sad for what he has devoted.

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