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Hyundai Vietnam brings new robots to serve in showrooms

Friday, April 22, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Hyundai Vietnam has just introduced the Spot Boston Dynamic robot with the aim of enhancing the customer experience in showrooms.

Separated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US in 1992, Boston Dynamics was originally tasked with building robots from the budget of the US Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Boston Dynamics quickly became famous around the world for successfully creating robots with the ability to move flexibly, including Atlas – a humanoid robot capable of jumping upside down and running on two legs very quickly, or Spot. – dog-shaped robot can herd sheep, support medical workers during the pandemic…

In 2020, Hyundai Motor has made Boston Dynamic a member of the ecosystem, to increase technology solutions for mobility as well as automation in many fields. Spot is a strategic, multi-purpose, accessible robotic product.

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With the goal of improving customer experience with leading advanced technologies, Hyundai brought Spot robot to Vietnam. Robot Spot will be present at important events of HTV in the near future as well as at dealerships in interactions with customers.

Spot Boston Dynamic is a robot product manufactured with the purpose of supporting human work, applied in production, patrol, rescue and rescue activities, especially in hazardous environments where humans are not may be present: smog, radiation, etc.

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Besides, Spot also has the ability to learn according to human gestures, set up automatic patrol according to the schedule, etc. Spot’s movement mechanism is modeled after a goat species with the jointed pillars pointing backwards, This helps Spot move flexibly, overcome many types of terrain with excellent balance. With limited forces applied to the body, the Spot is able to stand and cannot fall.

The compatibility of Spot’s accessories including Arms for carrying, lifting objects, Lidar terrain observation system, etc. In addition, Spot is also capable of ‘dancing’ with programmed motion combinations through through a dedicated software system.

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Spot Boston Dynamic has basic parameters such as a weight of 32kg, a maximum payload of 14kg, the ability to move at a maximum speed of 5.6 km / h. With a standard battery, the robot can operate for up to more than 1 hour.

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