“I thought I could carry the team”

A few days ago, DWG KIA has officially announced the return of Nuguri. This is a necessary addition to DK, at least for the time being in preparation for LCK Summer 2022. In the last Spring of 2022, the upper wing of DK is not really too good, compared to other names like Zeus (T1), Kiin (Kwangdong Freecs) or Rascal (KT Rolster).

DK officially announces the return of Nuguri

Is the top quality toplaner in the village League of Legends, it’s a pity that Nuguri rested during the past Spring. Especially when the LCK is going through a period of shortage of quality toplaners, meeting enough skills from experience to experience. Although Zeus has performed quite well, he is still a young player, has only had his first season of starting and has no international experience.

Back at DK, Nuguri replied about his time in FPX: I thought I could carry the team - Photo 2.

Nuguri’s return will be a quality addition to DK’s top lane position as well as raising the quality of the LCK Top lane.

In an interview during this comeback to DK, Nuguri received a lot of questions related to his time playing for FunPlus Phoenix. The former FPX star affirmed that he was too hasty to move to China when he still lacked too much experience and skills. But Nuguri also affirmed that he has never regretted moving to China to play.

Back at DK, Nuguri replied about his time in FPX: I thought I could carry the team - Photo 3.

Nuguri had a hard time at FPX

In particular, talking about the results that Nuguri and FPX achieved in the short 2021 season when “Nu Bao” played, this player also said: “I thought that as long as I played well, I could carry the team and FPX could win. But I didn’t do that well. I didn’t play well. I felt like I was falling down every day. Even , sometimes playing like a blind man. My teammates didn’t deserve to be eliminated so early at Worlds.”

Back at DK, Nuguri replied about his time in FPX: I thought I could carry the team - Photo 4.

Nuguri gives an interview about his time in DK

It can be said that this comeback of Nuguri, the world of League of Legends has changed a lot compared to the end of the 2021 season. With the return to the “old roof”, when DK is no longer the ruler, as well as T1 is becoming a perfect team day by day, Nuguri is facing a huge challenge. If he plays well and helps DK “revenge” against T1 as well as bring back the title, he will regain all that was lost. On the contrary, it is very likely that the prospect of last season will reappear and then, the pressure will be heavier on the former champion of Worlds 2020. chn

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