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‘I was shocked when the homeroom teacher advised her to skip the exam to enter 10th grade’

2 years ago, Q – the daughter of Mr and Mrs. D.T sobbed when coming home from school. I told my parents that I didn’t want to go to school anymore. After being questioned for a while, Q said that during the break, he was called by the principal, homeroom teacher and English teacher to a private room to talk.

Her father sat opposite and “dissected” my academic performance. The girls concluded that Q was not qualified for the 10th grade exam and communicated it to their parents.

Besides Q, many classmates were also called to this room.

Video: Parents are upset when their child’s homeroom teacher calls to advise him not to take the 10th grade exam

On the same day, Mr. D.T and his wife also received a call from the homeroom teacher with similar content. The homeroom teacher told Q’s current academic ability that it is very difficult to enter a high school in Hanoi city. Therefore, she advises families to soon plan to send their children to a vocational or private school, so that they can save time on the 10th grade exam. “The homeroom teacher said that if the family really wants to send their children to a public school in Hanoi, she will show you a simple way.”Mr. D.T said.

The hostess listed step-by-step advice for Mr and Mrs. D.T to follow. The first is to send an application to the school to ask not to take the 10th grade exam. After that, students transfer to 10th grade at a high school in another province (there will be a daily shuttle bus). After 3 to 6 months, students are transferred to a public school in Hanoi. However, the family will have to spend a large fee.

“My wife retorted that our daughter was ‘not eligible for the 10th grade exam’ or ‘shouldn’t take the 10th grade exam’. She just admitted that it was just her advice based on assessments in the teaching process, and our daughter qualified for the 10th grade exam.”Mr. D.T said.

Frustrated at the suggestion of the homeroom teacher and worried that his daughter’s psychology would be affected, Mr. D.T called the principal and said he would report it to the Hanoi Department of Education and Training.

“Fortunately, at that time, my wife and I firmly stood by our children and trusted them. My son’s 10th grade exam results that year were also good, contrary to what you said.”Mr. D.T shared.

Not only Mr. D, but many parents in Hanoi city reflect that the homeroom teacher asked to write a voluntary application for their children not to take the exam to enter a public high school in the area. This not only affects the children’s psychology at the moment, but also makes the future of them misdirected. Many children, despite being capable, have to choose other paths.

The Hanoi Department of Education and Training recently requested to review, check, verify and strictly handle the above situation. mobilize and propagate students who do not register to take the exam Admissions into 10th grade.

The Department of Education and Training also thoroughly understands that studying and registering aspirations for admission to high schools are the rights and needs of students and students’ parents. In the streamlining work after secondary school, schools must orient students clearly to make a suitable, non-coercive choice.

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