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Individuals are still being collected on the internet

The internet industry was shaken when Apple implemented the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) tool on iOS 14 in April 2021. This feature helps users to decide whether to allow third-party applications such as Facebook, Google, to collect and share their data or not. Google is also committed to implementing a similar security measure for Chrome and Android, expected from 2023.

ATT is considered as the “evil” of companies that exploit user data for advertising purposes such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when they were just born.

“A year after Apple implemented the ATT tool, there have been a series of new ways to track and collect information on social network users,” the New York Times reported.

For example, Facebook and Google collect user data everywhere, while marketers can get information by purchasing advertising packages. They target specific product ads to certain people based on personal habits and preferences. If the goods are transacted, that company will make a profit, while Google and Facebook collect money through the above packages.

Individuals are still being collected data on the internet - Photo 1.

It is still difficult for users to avoid being collected information on the Internet. Photo: New York Times

“Users will still have their data collected. Companies will empower themselves to do this,” the New York Times quoted media expert Eric Seufert in the US as saying.

According to expert Seufert, users will not be tracked from one application to another or from one website to another. However, the platform still collects data about what users are doing on the website or app. If you refuse, you may not be able to use certain features on that platform.

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