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Investing knowledge is not difficult, but how much money do you deserve?

As a “testimonial” people, no one does not know Mai Phuong Thuy. Not only is Miss with beautiful beauty, she is also a familiar name in the “witness” brotherhood.

Summarizing last year, she also “flaunted” the total assets in her stock account increasing from 3-5 times in the last year. That is enough to understand the prestige of this talented and talented investor.

Not only that, Mai Phuong Thuy is also curious by many sharp statements in her investment story. Let’s see how the “stock queen” has affirmed her brand position in the “witnesses” association!

It’s really hard work, it’s not easy for others to eat

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Instead of worrying about short-term changes, why not look more broadly?

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There is no right or wrong in investing, it’s all about your own decisions and choices

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Obviously, I use my own money, learning how to be responsible for money is also a wise choice

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Anyone can make mistakes, no matter how much thought, experience and money you have

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To be successful on the chosen investment path, you must show your bravery

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Mai Phuong Thuy with a statement showing her bravery and strong mentality when investing in securities

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It is true that when you know how to take risks, you can seize many opportunities

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