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Limit off-line, avoid overloading students

According to the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, in the 2022-2023 school year, the city is expected to recruit about 140,000 students in grade 1 and 151 thousand students in grade 6 with the following method: Admissions basically the same as last year. Students are assigned enrollment lines according to wards and communes.

Hanoi notes that schools that accept students in grade 1 must be at least 6 years old, absolutely not accept underage children like some years ago. In cases of children with disabilities, foreign children living in Vietnam may be older but not more than 3 years old.

Enrollment for 1st and 6th graders: Limiting off-line, avoiding overcrowding - 1

Hanoi requires schools to open, transparent and convenient information for early enrollment.

The Department of Education and Training requires the grassroots units to promptly review information on students and preschool children as well as investigate the age of children in the area to prepare for the enrollment of the new school year. Pre-schools are not allowed to teach children before grade 1. The enrollment and assignment of quotas are appropriate for the facilities and the staff to ensure that there are enough classrooms.

For the new urban area without a school, the Department of Education and Training reports to the district to settle study places for students, take care of children who are resettled, and workers in industrial zones. Schools issue student codes before May 27.

Particularly, high-quality secondary schools or non-linear enrollment schools with the number of registered students exceeding the quota may enroll in grade 6 by means of admissions combined with test and capacity assessment.

Time to enroll class 1 online from July 1-3; enroll 5-year-old children into preschool from July 4-6; 6th grade enrollment from 7-9/7. After the online enrollment period expires, schools will receive direct enrollment documents from July 13-18.

1st grade enrollment documents include: 1st grade admission application form; copy of valid birth certificate, photocopy of household registration book, temporary residence book or certificate of residence information. Enrollment records for grade 6 are similar to grade 1, with additional primary school transcripts.

Hanoi allows non-public schools to enroll early, specifically from May 28 to the end of July 12. However, to ensure the interests of parents, students of schools must publicly post the procedures, rights and obligations of students and parents before enrolling their children. Schools that enroll students by means of admissions and entrance exams must complete before June 30.

Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training Tran The Cuong asked the Departments of Education and Training to thoroughly understand the schools in the enrollment work, so that there would be no crowding or queuing from the middle of the night to submit applications. The enrollment work must be done to ensure fairness, accuracy, objectivity as well as the interests of students.

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