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Ly Hai – Minh Ha earned 100 billion / movie but let 4 children lie on the ground

The most beloved Vietnamese showbiz family to mention Ly Hai – Minh Ha. The famous couple has 4 lovely children, respectively, Rio, Cherry, Sunny, and Mio.

A special feature of the duo’s way of teaching children is to teach thrift to 4 children. The couple Ly Hai – Minh Ha send their children to a public school with a tuition fee of only 1 million/month instead of going to an expensive international/private school like other Vbiz stars.

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Ly Hai – Minh Ha’s son folds the blanket neatly after sleeping.

Recently, the two also surprised netizens when they confessed that all 4 children slept in the same room, not separately like other rich families. The couple said: “There are four children in one room. Hi, there is a bed that the children like to sleep on the ground.”

This surprised many families at the couple’s parenting style. Because 4 children in the same room are easy to quarrel and get jealous. Not to mention that rich families also tend to give their children their own room to have space for themselves. What a thrifty family, especially for a rich couple like Ly Hai – Minh Ha!

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All four children like to sleep in the same room, lying on the ground.

Male singer Ly Hai once confided about his concept of raising children: “Children’s biggest fear is the habit of asking. Passing through the toy area is asking. My rule is that I won’t buy it no matter how much. If I buy it once, my child will ask for it next time. Usually I will make a contract. For example, every day being good will get 1 point, being unwise will be deducted 1 point. When you reach 20 points, you will get that toy.

Children grow up very quickly, shopping a lot will be a waste of money, so my wife and I play together with a group of friends. They also have children about the same age as my children, so we just formed a group to exchange clothes for them. For example, if this baby wears this set for a few months, it will be tight, then change it for another baby to wear, just switch back and forth and combine different styles to become new clothes. That’s also only known by the members of the group, but no one knows, it saves a lot of money, so I think it makes sense.”

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Ly Hai – Minh Ha’s family sent their children to public schools, studying at an expensive English center.

Despite being busy with work, Ly Hai – Minh Ha still spends a lot of time taking care of their children’s education. Minh Ha once confided that it was not necessary to choose an international school. Instead, the couple sent their children to study at the most expensive English center in Ho Chi Minh City when the public tuition fee on the website was about 45-60 million VND/year (depending on age).

Thanks to that, all 4 children also have good foreign language skills. For example, the eldest brother Rio is studying 4 languages ​​at the same time such as English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and can pronounce them well in all 4 languages.

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Happy “small” family of husband and wife Ly Hai – Minh Ha.


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