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Medvedev was banned from playing at Wimbledon, Djokovic harshly criticized

(Sports news, tennis news) Novak Djokovic made his point clear after learning that rival Daniil Medvedev could not attend Wimbledon 2022.


All England Club (name of the complex) sport where Wimbledon takes place and is sponsored by the British Royal Family, abbreviated as AELTC), made the decision to ban the competition at Wimbledon 2022 with players from Russia and Belarus, an event that is being strongly criticized by public opinion.

Medvedev was banned from playing at Wimbledon, Djokovic harshly criticized - 1

Djokovic criticizes Wimbledon 2022 organizers

Daniil Medvedev is one of the players who cannot compete at the Grand Slam due to his Russian nationality, which helps Novak Djokovic less than one opponent, but the Serbian tennis player did not feel gloating because of that. World No. 1 Djokovic also expressed his opposition to AELTC’s decision.

“I will always be the first to condemn the war,” Djokovic said at a news conference after the match in Serbia. As a child who lived during war, I understand the pain and loss that war causes We are in Serbia, we know what happened here in 1999, ordinary people suffered, we had a lot of wars in the Balkans.”

The world No. 1 player expressed dissatisfaction with AELTC’s decision: “I cite this, because I cannot support Wimbledon’s decision. It is not the fault of the athletes. When politics intervenes When it comes to sports, things usually don’t go well.”

As one of the players who will be banned from playing at Wimbledon 2022, Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev has called it “totally discriminatory” and “illogical”.

World No. 8 Andrey Rublev said on the sidelines of the Serbia Open event: “The reasons they (the Wimbledon organizers) give us make no sense, they are illogical. What is happening is discrimination. treat us completely. Banning Russian or Belarusian players … won’t change anything.”

Rublev offered a more positive solution: “Instead of banning us. Let’s give all the prize money at the tournament to charity. Let’s help the families affected by the war, I think that’s new. meaningful action”.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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