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Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly: “The opening ceremony of SEA Game 31 will be concerts – the biggest scene ever”

Exactly 20 days left until the opening ceremony of SEA Game 31 will officially take place. At the moment, the event crew is rushing to complete the final stages before entering the rehearsal day. As the person assigned the task of “in charge” – General Director of the program, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly has to face a lot of pressure.

Sharing with Dan Viet, the female artist said that in the past few days, she had never set foot home before 1am and was always in a state of mind that was almost exploding because of the amount of work she had to deal with. Even giving Dan Viet newspaper a conversation that is not too rushed is a great effort of Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly.

Too much pressure to go through in a hurry

The opening ceremony of SEA Game 31 will take place on May 12. There is not much time left to prepare for the opening ceremony. So how far has the preparation work been done, Mr. Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly?

The preparation for the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31 is still being hurriedly completed by us. Because the time is too urgent, from the time I took on the task of being the General Director of the opening program of SEA Game 31 to the time the event took place was only 45 days, so it was almost like I had to race against time.

Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly:

Artist Tran Ly Ly is the General Director of the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31. Photo: LDO.

As soon as I received the assignment, I immediately began to review the entire stage of the literary script, from the detailed script to the storyboard, to distribute it to the crews to keep up with the schedule. The storyboard includes music, stage production, dance – dance, props – costumes… In addition, I also have a busy schedule with consultants in various fields to make things better. everything appearing on the 31st SEA Games Opening Ceremony must be historically and culturally appropriate.

Honestly, because time is so tight, we have to face a lot of pressure and difficulties. We have to mobilize the involvement of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the City People’s Committee. Hanoi, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of Performing Arts … to have any problem, they should share and handle it.

Recently, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh personally visited the preparation work for the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31 and presented gifts to the representative of the team participating in this event. This is an encouragement and morale for us in these days of racing against time and massive workload.

First time taking on the role of General Director of a regional development program, how do you feel?

I feel fortunate to have accepted the task of being the General Director of the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31 in such a hurry but with the cooperation of many close associates. For example, musician Huy Tuan, People’s Artist – Dance director Kieu Le, stage director Hoang Cong Cuong and great assistants can join hands to perform assigned tasks.

Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly:

General Director Tran Ly Ly reported to the Prime Minister on the preparation progress for the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31. Photo: TNO.

In this event, the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games is equivalent to a grand performance in the square with the interwoven ceremony and festival consisting of many chapters. Chapter I is “Friendly Vietnam”, Chapter II is “Strong Southeast Asia” and Chapter III is “Shining Southeast Asia”.

Here, we try to show the spirit of a friendly, open, loving Vietnam with many unique cultural identities. Vietnam has always been a member in Southeast Asia, making efforts to contribute to building a powerful Southeast Asia. Especially, after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries are creating a new strength to look forward to in the future.

The spirit of bamboo trees, rice plants, lotus flowers, bronze drums, conical hats, Ao dai, Dong Ho paintings… imbued with Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cultural identities will be used as a symbol throughout the lessons. item. Through the images of these cultural symbols, we want to emphasize the permanence and spirit of mutual protection of the community of nations in Southeast Asia. This is a very beautiful and transformative spirit.

This time, we will animate the performances using projection mapping and AR technology. To create effects in terms of sound, light and images on a square area of ​​​​7,000m2 is a very difficult problem. What we are facing is that in Vietnam, there are not many companies that can handle all the equipment and technology to perform the combination of mapping with sound and light on a large area. And to solve this problem, we have to mobilize many companies providing this service to participate.

What is your biggest pressure as the General Director this time?

My biggest pressure, in addition to having to race against time, also has to connect with too many small teams. The clues are too large, the small groups are too many, the problems arising in the implementation process are uncountable… but it requires me to cover everything and handle it. The coordination between the groups is a very headache.

Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly:

Actors and artists participate in rehearsals to prepare for the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31. Photo: LDO.

Besides, it is extremely difficult to handle administrative procedures related to papers and documents… in a hurry. Because the Organizing Committee here is not an event unit but includes many state management units. All the paperwork-related procedures need to have a smooth coordination to ensure on schedule, sometimes making us want to “explode our heads”.

At the present time, we have basically finished staging the drama and performing arts. The mapping and graphics are in the process of being completed. This part needs to be detailed and meticulous, so it will take a lot of time. Besides, we also do detailed script for television. Reportages broadcast on television must be appropriate to the program.

The script for the presenter will also be translated into English. And MC for the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31 will be two very good English speakers, experienced in hosting international programs of the country.

The opening ceremony of SEA Game 31 will end with a performance of thousands of actors and athletes

So how will the best performance, especially the theme song of the 31st SEA Game this year, be performed, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly?

The theme song of the 31st SEA Game is “Let’s Shine” carrying a strong sports spirit. The rhythm and rhythm of the song is also international and civilized. This song will be performed at the end of the 31st SEA Game Opening Ceremony with the performance of many famous divas and divos in the Vietnamese music industry.

It must be added that “Let’s Shine” has many versions and the performance version in the Opening Ceremony of the SEA Game will be an unprecedented grand performance. Famous artists will perform together with the saola mascot, the symbol of 64 Vietnamese ethnic groups, representing 11 Southeast Asian countries, 110 dancers and 250 athletes participating in the SEA Games.

In addition, there are also child actors and dancers. With this ending, we hope to leave a deep impression in the hearts of international and Vietnamese friends.

Among the performances that will be performed in the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31, which one requires the most investment?

To say, it must be said that every performance is elaborate and invests a lot of gray matter and human resources. Because each chapter in the program we put certain emphasis. For example, with “Friendly Vietnam”, we use the main image of bamboo, rice and the roads going to Vietnam; With “Strong Southeast Asia” there will be 11 boats from all countries swimming together to the big sea and the last chapter “Southeast Asia shines together” will have thousands of actors and athletes performing together. The artistic technique that we use here is the square performance, not the individual performances.

In this show, there will be great artists participating such as: Linh Nga, Bui Cong Duy, Lijiang… We are choosing more suitable singers to perform “Let’s Shine” – SEA Game theme song.

So, how many people will the opening ceremony of SEA Game 31 have in all?

About 1000 employees will participate in this event. The number of artists participating in performing on stage is about 800 and the staff behind the stage is also relatively large. To be able to mobilize this many employees, we have to sign contracts with many companies providing services and equipment in Vietnam.

Thanks to Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly for sharing the information. Wish the Opening Ceremony of SEA Game 31 in particular and SEA Game 31 in general will be successful.

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