‘Microsoft greed is killing Windows 11’

The article is the personal experience and sharing of editor Matt Hanson from Techradar technology site.

Nothing in life is truly free, and Windows 11 is a great example of that.

Although Microsoft’s latest operating system is offered as a free upgrade to many users (upgrades from an older version of Windows to a newer version often require users to pay to get the privileges), but behind it turns out there are a lot of “prices to pay” for using Windows 11.

First, it includes sharing an ever-increasing amount of data with Microsoft – something the company forces you to accept during the setup process. Microsoft is also using Windows 11 to push users to use its own services. For example, you will now be required to have a Microsoft account, which usually comes with signing up for a Microsoft-owned email account. You’ll also be encouraged to use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, rather than alternatives like Google Drive or iCloud.

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